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tv   Today  NBC  April 17, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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"today in the bay." >> yes it is. we're all in yellow. supporting the warriors here as they embark on their journey tomorrow night. see you again in 25 minutes with another local news update. >> keep shooting, bob! good morning. good morning. texas twisters. >> i'm fixing to head for cover. >> a string of tornadoes slams the lone star state. this one near amarillo. and today, more severe weather threatens millions from colorado all the way to florida. al is tracking it. falsified records? new questions about the training of that reserve deputy who shot and killed the suspect, claiming he mistook his gun for a taser. this morning, that officer speaks out for the first time in an exclusive live interview. reporter's rant. an on-air talent at espn goes on a nasty tirade against a tow company employee after her car
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was taken in. she's now been suspended for a n in. she's now been suspended for a week, but is that enough? week, but is and the "star wars" trailer is out.. and the "star wars" tr >> chewy, we're home. >> chewy, we're home. >> 17 million hits in less than >> 17 a day, disney's stock up $2 a day, disney's stock up $2 billion. billion. and it has a member of our team and it just a little too into it today. just a little too into it today. friday, april 17th, 2015. friday, april 17th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning set. welcome to "to savannah's on vacation.morning set. savannah's on vacation. she's back on monday. joined now by hoda, natalie, and. joined now by hoda, natalie, and al. al.
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>> goosebumps. >> is that carson?oo is that who that is? >> i hope so.arso >> pretty hot in there, right, carson? >> wow. >> that's not the hottest part. >> the force is officially - the force awakens ripart. get more coffee.cially -- the force aw >> we'll have much more about get more coffee. >> we'll h that in a couple of minutes. that in a couple of minutes. >> and we have to tee up. >> and we have to tee up. you do have a little ellen you do have a little ellen revenge that's coming up that is so worth the wait. >> we'll tell you about e wait. >> we'll tell you about that a little later on. but first, from storm troopers little later on. but firs to strong storms firing up from storm troopers to strong storms firing up across the southern half of this country on the heels of seve across the southern half of this country on the heels of severe weather sweeping through texas. al, what are we looking at? >> we were talking a al, what are we looking at? >> we were talking a yesterday. we were going to see severe we were going to see severe weather and it has happened. weather and it has happened. look at some of this video we've look at already seen. already seen. this is out of bristow, texas. this is listen to this. listen to this. first the hail comes and then first the hail comes and then you start to see the storms you start to see the storms build up. build up. and then this. there's a group of guys, they there's a group of guys, they were hunters and they saw this. were hunters and they saw this.
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and they decided to head for cover. head for cover. little strong language there. let's head to pompa, texas. we have got another tornado to show you. you can see the funnel right there. we're watching that. and we also had a lot of heavy rain to talk about. we were talking about this. this is sam houston community college. they had actually so much rain build up, it blew out a glass wall and caused massive flooding in the student rec center. a real mess. today we've got the same areas under the gun. we have this upper level low that's spinning and it isn't attached to anything. it's what we call a cutoff low. so it's going to meander and cause problems. we have a risk of severe weather stretching from kansas all the way down into texas. an enhanced risk from san antonio, houston, corpus christi. tornadoes likely in this area. we will be watching that. then saturday again same area under the gun for more tornadoes. possibility of hail, damaging wind, and torrential downpours.
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look at the flood watches and flash flood watches from texas all the way to the florida panhandle. rainfall amounts, locally 8 inches of rain along the gulf. and it spreads up into the midwest. we're talking about rain that's going to go right into the weekend. flooding problems. and we've also got snow to talk about. the rockies, some places gettinglaces getting up to 2 feet of snow with more on the way. take a look at this in a bit. >> thanks. there are new questions being raised about that reserve deputy in oklahoma charged with manslaughter who said he mistakenly shot a suspect with his gun instead of his taser. we will talk to him exclusively in just a moment. but first nbc's gabe gutierrez
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c3 >> lo siento, lo siento. into the reserve deputy program. >> reporter: a summary of state records shows bates had al 300 hours of trainin 2008. >> he is well in excess of what
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you would anticipa would have that was minimum requirements >> reporter: but t acknowledged in a ra interview this week, not been able to find all of his gun certification records. >> we can't find the records that she supposedly turned and so we're going t her to find out for sure if he did qualify for those. >> reporter: now citing multiple unnamed sources, tulsa wor report said supervisors were ordered to falsify trainin records. some who refused were transferred to other positions, the paper claims. it has not been verified by nbc news. the sheriff said we don't respond to rumors. bates is charged with second degree manslaughter and is on bail. he's expected to be arraigned next week and his attorneys say he attempts to plead not guilty. matt? >> gabe, thank you very much. reserve sheriff's deputy robert bates is with us now exclusively along with his wife, charlotte,
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his daughters kathy and le and his attorney mark brewster. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, matt. >> mr. bates, i want to talk about your training and your training records in a second. but i want you to take me back to april 2nd, the day this all happened. you were not supposed to be actively involved in the arrest of mr. harris. you were supposed to provide support from several blocks away, but you did get involved in the struggle. you write in your written statement that you were not sure whether he was armed and you say that you saw, quote, a brief opening to use your taser to subdue him. take me back to that moment. >> matt, i was actually parked down the street at a sinclair station several blocks away from where the activity took place. in other words, the drug buy of dope and the gun purchased. he decided to bolt from the undercover's truck and run and he came to me. i had two other cars that were
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in front. i was the last car, as i always am. i carry the equipment that the deputies use to clear a scene, whatever. i've been involved in several hundred of these. i do clean up when they're done. i take notes. i take photographs. and that's my job. >> and when you got involved in this struggle, mr. bates, did any of the other deputies or officers say help us? tase him? use your taser? >> no, matt. i yelled "taser, taser" as required in training. the deputy below me ducked, he pulled away from it so that i could. now, i've never, you know -- first and foremost, let me apologize to the family of eric harris. you know, this is the second worst thing that's ever happened to me or first that ever happened to me in my life. i had cancer a number of years ago.
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i didn't think i was going to get there. luckily, i was able to go to a hospital where i had hours of surgery. i'd rate this as number one on my list of things in my life that i regret. >> let me ask you to do this. would you stand up for me for one second and show me where on your body when you are in your uniform you keep your taser and where you keep your weapon, your revolver? can you stand up and show me? >> sure. you bet. my taser is right here on the front tucked in a productive vest. my gun itself is on my side, normally to the rear. >> and people are going to look at that, mr. bates, and say how could you make this mistake? how could you think you were going for your taser on your chest tucked into that vest and accidentally pull your weapon? country. i have read about it in the
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past. i thought to myself after reading several cases, i don't understand how this can happen. you must believe me, it can happen to anyone. >> you yelled taser, taser. you mentioned the other deputy ducked and cleared so you could use your taser. and then you heard that gunshot. what were you thinking when you heard the shot? >> oh, my god. what has happened. the laser light is the same on each weapon. i saw the light and i squeezed the trigger. and then realized and dropped the gun. this was not an intentional thing. i have no desire to ever take anyone's life. >> you can be heard on that tape saying i shot him, i'm sorry. and there's a lot of emotion in your voice. what was the emotion? was it sorrow? was it shock? was it fear for the repercussions of what you had just done? >> matt, i never considered the
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repercussions of what i had just done. it was shock. i'm not at all sure it's not still with me today. lack of sleep, inability to concentrate, all of those plus more. you know, i still can't believe it happened. >> mr. bates, in the wake of this incident, you have been portrayed as a wealthy and generous supporter of the sheriff's department and a close friend of the sheriff who has been rewarded for your financial support with the opportunity and this is what's out there, to play cop and carry a gun. is that a fair characterization? >> that is unbelievably unfair. i have donated equipment as i saw fit. when the need happened to arise to allow the task force and other areas of the sheriff's
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office to better do their jobs on the street of tulsa. tulsa has a drug problem. there is no question. nobody argues that. i am willing to put up equipment to assist them, to better educate the public. i deal with young people all the time, matt. 13 and 14-year-old kids using heroin. you know, i talk to them once we're done and try to gain an understanding of, you know, why. why has this happened. i was a policeman in tulsa and there wasn't heroin. that was in new york city, chicago problem. not here. >> let me get back to this story now that's been reported by the tulsa world based on anonymous sources and by the way unconfirmed by nbc news, that supervisors in the sheriff's department were ordered to falsify your training records and give you credit for field training and firearm certification that you did not
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deserve. how do you respond to those allegations? >> that is not correct. i have a written piece of paper that a mr. warren crittenden now in jail had signed off to say i had done a good job. you know, the law firm has been most interesting. they seem to represent all the people that have been terminated by the sheriff's office -- >> without getting off on a tangent, you did the training and you can prove that you were certified? >> that is absolutely the truth. i have it in writing. >> matt, if i may address this briefly, that point. the so-called evidence of falsified training records comes from a person that was terminated by the sheriff's
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office seven years ago. he signed an affidavit. mr. bates would have been with the department as a reserve just about a half a year or a year at that time. so seven years ago that's their evidence. and he is a person represented by the firm that's representing the family and he has a year ago been charged with first degree murder. so the credibility of the witnesses should have been -- or that particular witness should have been weighed carefully by press outlets before running that story. >> mr. bates, let me end on this. you've been charged with second degree manslaughter. you face up to four years in prison. have you allowed yourself to think about that possibility? >> certainly. how could i not? >> robert bates, mr. brewster and the bates family, thank you for your time this morning. and of course we will be following this story. >> you're welcome. all right. meantime, alaska airlines is now banning the baggage handler who
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fell asleep in the cargo hold of one of the flights. earlier this week we showed you video recorded in the cabin as that man tried to signal for help. now we are hearing his frantic call to 911. here's nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer. >> reporter: there was no sign of trouble on the alaska airlines flight departing seattle until dispatchers received a 911 call from the plane's cargo hold. >> 911. >> hello. i'm trapped in this plane and i called my job but i'm in this plane. >> you're where? >> i'm inside the plane and i feel like it's up moving in the air. flight 448. can you please tell somebody to stop it. >> reporter: the man pleading for help is a baggage handler who later told authorities he took a nap in the plane's belly. dispatcher is confused. >> where are you in a plane at? >> i'm inside the plane. alaska airlines plane flight 448. >> are you at the airport? >> i'm at -- not in the airport.
7:16 am
i feel like it's moved because i feel like my -- >> reporter: with the flight bound for los angeles, the call abruptly comes to an end. >> are you by yourself or with somebody? >> reporter: as the jet climbs, now at 5,000 feet, passengers hear a call for help and pounding from just below their seats. [ knocking ] the baggage handler was lucky, say experts. trapped near the nose of the plane where the cargo hold is pressurized and temperature controlled. >> they are not made for people to be in there so it could have had consequences. >> reporter: alaska airlines says the baggage handler is now banned for working by them. reached by phone he told us he's in good spirits but still feeling a bit tired. for "today," miguel almaguer,
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nbc news, los angeles. >> looks like the 911 call operator did everything she could. she didn't know where he was. let's turn to natalie. she's here with a story about an arrest tied to the war on terror here at home. >> an ohio man accused of going to syria to receive terrorist training. then coming back here to the u.s. with plans to carry out an attack. 22-year-old mohamud is charged with providing material support to territories. terrorists. officials say he went to syria last year where he got training in weapons and in hand to hand combat. court documents say when he returned to ohio, he wanted to target the military, police, or anyone in uniform. an hours' long standoff in phoenix ended late thursday with the death of five people all from the same family. it appears one man shot his two brothers, one of their wives, and their mother before turning the gun on himself. two other women and children escaped unharmed. police believe a dispute over the family business prompted the shooting. if you're hoping to go into
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an apple store next week and pick up the apple watch, you're going to be waiting for a little bit. al roker. sorry, folks. there are reports that the apple watch will not be available for in-store purchases until june. but you can still preorder one online. but you're likely still going to have to wait until june for the watch to ship to you. previously when you logged into, the message read available april 24th. now the message reads the watch is coming. we reached out to apple for comment. we have not heard back. some scary moments this week at a philadelphia subway station when a man fell onto the track. and watch the man on the lower left corner of your screen. he's walking along the edge of and watch the man on the lower left corner of your screen. he's walking along the edge of your platform. he slips there and falls onto the tracks. a person just jumped down to help him out. others on the platform reached down to assist pulling that man to safety. he is expected to be okay.
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what a hero, right? and a little levity on thursday during the senate finance hearing on capitol hill. u.s. agricultural secretary tom vilsack was speaking when he got an interruption. ♪ let it go ♪ ♪ let it go ♪ >> oh, my. >> just let it go. sorry about that. >> perfect. >> is he sorry about that or the fact it's "let it go" on his phone? >> that was senator pat roberts. apparently, it's the ringtone used for his grandkids. he later apologized. grandkids are calling. >> all right. thanks so much. all right. we're going to get your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
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. happy friday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. looking live at san bruno mountain. the only place we're going to see a touch of cooling will be the immediate coast. as we go have a return of onshore flow. if natural ac will be limited to san francisco down to pacifica. we're going to cut it off at half-moon bay. 83 degrees on the peninsula. 79 on the east shore for today. 86 degrees for us here in the south bay. temperatures cool off over the weekend. coming up, a wakeup call if you're a heavy snorer.
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the damage it could be doing for your memory. and a moment she probably wants to forget. what one espn reporter was caught on camera doing that landed her a suspension. but first this is "today"
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it's 7:26. i'm sam brock. customers at a wall not creek starbucks may be we'lling queasy this morning. police arrested 34-year-old jacob turner. he is suspected of recording people using a unisex bathroom inside that broadway plaza store. on two separate occasions employees found cameras inside. the latest discovery was made this past tuesday. police manled to arrest turn we're the help of store surveillance video. now investigators are looking into whether other locations might have been targeted as well. firefighters put out a car fire in san leandro this morning before it jumped over to a warehouse. this happened after 4:00 a.m. on washington avenue. you can see the flames shooting up from behind the building. no one was injured. firefighters are trying to figure out the cause.
7:27 am
emotional night at last night's san jose giants home opener. bryan stow threw out the open pitch four years after beating that left him in a coma. stow was attacked and suffered permanent disabilities. last night he sat aside the wheelchair to deliver the first pitch. he sounded great, looked great. he said if he could do it again the next night, he would. let's send it over to christina. >> good morning to you at home. temperatures are on the cool side for now but we have a nice warm finish for the day. we will see slight cooling today at the immediate coast. otherwise, we do have a cooler weekend. so one more day of record-breaking heat and then everything changes as we head throughout your saturday and sunday. even bigger change headed our way as we head throughout monday and tuesday. showers moving in. we're going to have more on this for you in five minutes. right here on nbc bay area. first, the drive, here's mike. >> we have a big slow drive.
7:28 am
"today in the bay" 101 and just north of willow. instead of two lanes only one lane blocked now. a minivan hit a sign truck. that's what's caused this for the last 45 minutes. we'll look at your map and show you the jam from mountain view into the area. that's the problem for the peninsula. look at the 280. earlier crash in san jose cleared. not so bad for northbound slowing slowing. we'll show you the east bay, standard for a friday. we'll see you again in another 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show.
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all right. we're back now 7:30 on a friday morning, 17th of april 2015. a rainy morning in new york but al promises that's going away soon. >> going to be spectacular in the northeast. >> love hearing that. >> as a matter of fact the weather does top our look at what's making headlines. another round of severe storms and flooding expected from california to texas and the floridpanhandle. this after 16 tornadoes were reported on thursday. and ohio man accused of training with terrorists in syria is appearing in court today. officials say the 23-year-old returned to the united states and was planning to attack a u.s. military base or a prison. and the white house said security procedures are being re-evaluated in the wake of that
7:31 am
stunt where a man landed his gyrocopter on the lawn of the u.s. capitol. he has been or stay out of washington until a court hearing next month. all right. meantime i think we've given carson enough time to get out of the storm trooper outfit. >> barely. >> but you are going to talk about the excitement over the "star wars" trailer. >> are you pumped for this or is it just me? >> did the internet break? >> come on. it's still broken. "star wars: the force awakens," holy mackerel. the trailer went out yesterday got over 17 million views on youtube. it topped all the trends. i'm going to show it to you now in the entirety because i can. ta ♪
7:32 am
>> the force is strong in my family. my father has it. i have it. my sister has it. you have that power too. ♪ >> chewy we're home.
7:33 am
>> yes! yes! christmas! we've got santa claus coming this christmas and "star wars." my mind is blowing. tom writes on twitter i think the phrase chewy we're home broke the internet. it did. folks at disney good news there. the value of the disney share now up $2 billion. >> each share? >> not each share. >> oh. >> but they paid $4 billion for lucas films. so they're starting to see some return. guys? >> very cool. >> natalie's going to be lining up. >> i'm not one of the people that waits at midnight for something, but i might have to wait at midnight. >> let's do it. >> all right! >> matt? >> yeah!
7:34 am
>> have you seen them yet? >> i've seen bits and pieces? >> have you seen a whole "star wars"? >> is spock in this one? i'm kidding. i will go with you. >> you heard him. we're moving on now to a different type of video a lot of people are talking about. a sports reporter caught on camera hurling personal insults at a towing company attendant. "today's" erica hill has more. >> reporter: that is britt mchenry. it was first posted on thursday and quickly led to mchenry's suspension at espn. >> i'm in the news sweetheart. i will [ bleep ] sue this place. >> reporter: it's the viral rant caught on camera. even a warning the incident was being filmed. >> okay. that's fine. and i'll play your video so careful. >> reporter: that's britt mchenry for espn who acknowledges the camera's presence while picking up her car. after it was reportedly towed from this spot where mchenry had parked while after dinner last
7:35 am
week. >> i wouldn't work at a [ bleep ] place like this. makes my skin crawl even being here. why because i have a brain and you don't? >> don't say that. >> maybe if i was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh? oh like yours. because they're stunning. because i'm on television and you're in a [ bleep ] trailer, honey. >> reporter: after the video's release on thursday mchenry apologized on thursday. in an intense and stressful moment i allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things. as frustrated as i was, i should always choose to be respectful and take the high road. i am so sorry for my actions and will learn from this mistakes. espn announced they had suspended her for one week effective immediately. nbc news spoke with someone in her tape saying the tape was edited and does not show the complete version of events but also admitted either way it does not justify her actions. social media exploded in response to the tape.
7:36 am
wow, everyone has intense moments. the difference is most adults know not to berate someone for doing their job. and a whole week? wow that's showing her. bet she will never be a disrespectful person again because of that severe punishment. and some support. why is she being suspended for a tantrum having nothing at all to do with work? we did reach out to advanced towing. the company did not comment. tmz spoke with a manager there who claims her car was towed because it was parked improperly and defended the company's employee saying she handled it the right way. she kept her cool the whole time. mchenry's camp says this is not the whole video. but no one has released that yet. >> you know what's funny? i don't care about the rest of the conversation. it's one of those things when you see how someone goes off like that and she knew someone was watching. >> said there was a camera there. >> you should never treat somebody like that. >> wow. all right, erica. thanks so much. we appreciate it.
7:37 am
let's get a check of the weather no >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by k 9 advanti 9 advantix ii. >> we've told you about the system in the south. this system causing problems in the rockies here. the snow is coming down. in fact we're looking at i-70. there's been closures along the east and westbound parts of i-70. they already picked up about 10 inches of snow. we've got winter storm watches and advisories. some areas picking up another 1 to 2 feet of snow up between steam boat springs and vale. april 17th and we' they're talking a snowstorm we're talking about record heat in the bay area. just for one more day.
7:38 am
this only applies to the inland valley spots. 83 in the peninsula. san francisco is actually going to be a touch cooler with some coming clouds returning to the mix for today. getting into that all important weekend. temperatures will drop to comfortable levels across the board. monday into tuesday, everything changes. we do bring in light shower activeity activity. this will intenseify as we head throughout tuesday and wednesday of next week. thanks a lot. thanks a lot. coming up hard to believe it's been 20 years since the oklahoma city bombing. the impact still being felt by survivors ever we'll talk about that right after th
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to help the gulf economy and environment. and five years of research shows that the gulf is coming back faster than predicted. we've toughened safety standards too. including enhanced training... and 24/7 on shore monitoring of our wells drilling in the gulf. and everyone has the power to stop a job at any time if they consider it unsafe. what happened here five years ago changed us. i'm proud of the progress we've made both in the gulf and inside bp. back now at 7:42. it's going to be an emotional scene in oklahoma city this weekend. a remembrance ceremony being held to mark 20 years since the federal building bombing that killed 168 people and injured hundreds more. nbc national correspondent kate snow caught up with some of the survivors. kate, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt.
7:43 am
the actual anniversary is on sunday. it will be marked by a ceremony which will be held of 168 seconds of silence. and it will contain 168 seconds of silence, a reading of the victims' names, as well as a roster of speakers including former president bill clinton. all right here on the site where the federal building once stood. when you visit here among the empty chairs, the emotion of that day comes rushing back. up to 15,000 people are expected here at the oklahoma city national memorial and museum this weekend to pay their respects and reflect on a day of horror now 20 years in the past. >> the federal building is gone. we need some help. >> reporter: you were working in the building? >> so i was up on the ninth floor on the west end. >> reporter: sheila schick was setting up computer training that morning, running i.t. for the department of housing and urban development.
7:44 am
>> the floor lifted a little bit and it settled. and the lights went out. you could hear everything falling, the debris. the lights came back on, but it wasn't really light. it was sunlight from where the roof was gone. >> reporter: just eight feet from her desk, the floor was sheered off. authorities found the bomber and his accomplice. timothy mcveigh was put to death. terry nichols is in prison for the rest of his life. and the city found a way to keep going. knocking down the murrow building. reaping the process of a 21st century oil boom. and landing a professional basketball team. but the impact of the bombing can still be felt in the words etched on every police car. >> what legal framework -- >> reporter: even in classrooms at the new center for homeland security where they teach courses on fighting terrorism. >> our past is our prologue. if it happened, it could happen again. so our job is to find a way to ensure that things like oklahoma
7:45 am
city, boston, 9/11 don't happen. >> reporter: and at the memorial, people pause to remember. >> the memorial is a tremendously powerful, emotionally resonant, and ultimately peaceful place. that i think speaks volumes about the spirit of the city and how they wished to deal with the gaping wound at the heart of their city. >> reporter: this is the seventh floor. >> right. >> reporter: you knew some of these people. >> i knew every one of them. sheila still works in the same job. she went on to have a little boy. >> i don't see myself as a survivor of the bombing. i'm a mom, an aunt. that's who i am. not that this isn't part of my life. it always will be. i live any life as full and happy as i can and i go on. >> reporter: a lot of oklahomans talk about resilience here and they celebrate how people cared for each other after the
7:46 am
bombing. they he have these bracelets called oklahoma standard. they are asking people to commit an act of service and act of kindness as they remember these 20 years later. matt, back to you. >> kate snow in oklahoma city. i was on the air that morning with a special report when we first got word of it. we thought it was a natural gas explosion. then we started to learn the horrible truth about that. it was awful. >> nice to hear the survivors say how it shaped them but didn't define them. all right. we're going to switch gears a little bit. do you snore heavily? alarming new research on what it's doing to your brain that you do need to hear. but first these messages. jump on a video chat with my friend. he's a real fan boy, so i can't wait to show this off. picture is perfect. i got mine at verizon. i... didn't. it's buffering right out of the box he was impressed. i couldn't be happier.
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7:50 am
treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. back now at 7:50. can you feel it? can you feel the excitement? preparations in full swing for the much anticipated arrival of william and kate's second child. keir simmons is on royal baby watch at buckingham palace. keir good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there's a flag flying over buckingham palace that tells us the queen is not here. today maybe no baby. but when he or she comes an easel will be put at the gates and announcement on social media. the proud parents coming soon to the same hospital in west london. royal baby the sequel. >> we are so excited to be here right around the time of the
7:51 am
birth of the royal baby. >> got to be a girl. >> i'll say boy. >> i hope they have a little girl. >> reporter: kate will even have the same medical team that delivered george and will be hoping for another natural birth. it was unclear if george known to make kids cry during play dates is truly aware he's getting a brother or sister. >> i think george will be thrilled having another smaller younger brother or sister. >> reporter: once again, william and kate have chosen not to know in advance boy or girl adding to the sense of anticipation. >> it's a global story and there will be global interest. i think if it's a little girl as well that will add to the story. >> reporter: kate did wear pink while pregnant. but wait. she also wore blue. and spots and leopard print. no clue there. looking increasingly pregnant during a visit, her due date has not been revealed but it's any
7:52 am
time now. >> yeah. it's very exciting news. i can't wait to see my brother with more. >> reporter: harry himself was born two years after william. they grew up in the media spotlight with a glamorous mother. diana tried to give them a normal life. there was such heart ache divorce, and tragedy. as he has so many times, william must be wishing his mother was here to share another moment of happiness as the world waits and watches once again. truthfully there isn't the same feveristic excitement as there was two years ago. this is the second baby. something else is missing as well. natalie morales. >> i was just going to say. >> sorry. i've got a half marathon to run this weekend. >> how long did you spend there the first time? >> reporter: could you send me some knitting? >> yes.
7:53 am
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a very good morning to you. it is 7:56. authorities have busted another major pot grow in benecia. deputies and fbi agents seized plants worth more than $14 million in a warehouse yesterday. in january they came down on another warehouse less than a mile away. 34-year-old hayward pan is under arrest. his first court appearance is scheduled for monday. google is about to shake up the search results with an assist on mobile access. starting next tuesday google says search results will trend towards websites it considers mobile friendly. experts say the move could drastically impact business whoes get most of their traffic online. google says the new algorithm will apply only to searches on handheld devices. no need to search for for great weather across the bay area. >> good morning to you at home. temperatures are mostly in the 50s around the bay. meanwhile, inland valley spots
7:57 am
are in the 40s to start the day. temperatures are going to be comfortable at the beach but not quite as warm as where we ended up yesterday. that santa cruz nice clear shot here. pacifica has fog. already burning off. temperatures in the upper 70s for you. we do have even more cooling on the way as we get into your weekend. for today in the south bay, 86 degrees. 83 on the peninsula. 87 degrees in the north bay. expecting some showers by early next week. here's mike and your drive. >> better news for the peninsula. although it's friday big slow down northbound 101 approaching willow. there is debris still. this crash just north of willow had cleared but a little farther north, reports lanes. we do see traffic running now. it is just jammed though. the rest of your south bay looks good. this is friday. look at that lighter flow throughout san jose and silicon valley. no problems approach that bay bridge. we will be back with another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." it's klt 8:00 on "today." snoring danger? a study finds breathing problems while you sleep could lead to memory loss and dementia. this morning, what you can do to protect yourself. the food stamp challenge. the star pledged to eat for an entire week on just $29. so what was she able to do it? the surprising thing she's now saying about eitherating healthy on a budgets. the battle continues. prank after prank ellen and i have been having fun at each other's expense, and this morning it's my time to take a crack at pay back. today friday april 17th 2015.
8:01 am
♪ ♪ >> we're back now it's 8:00 on a friday morning. kind of overcast here in new york city. a little breezy but it doesn't matter. we're in a good mood. we have an enormous day in front of us! nice to have you folks. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is matt's prank that is
8:02 am
about to happen. it is ellen bent over in a very suggestive way. we're going to talk about that in a little bit. it's an awesome prank, matt. >> anyway we'll tell you how it came about in just a second. first, we head inside to natalie for a morning of the top stories. >> good morning. new questions this morning about the training of a reserve sheriff's deputy in oklahoma who shot and killed and unarmed suspect. the shooting was captured on a body camera. the officer 73-year-old roberts beats thought he was firing his taser and not his gun. he's been charged with manslaughter. the police department is rejecting a local newspaper report citing unnamed sources that it falsified base training records. beats is speaking out. earlier this morning matt asked beats to show us where he carried his taser and his revolver. >> how could you think you were going for your taser on your
8:03 am
chest tucked in the vest and accidentally pull your weapon. >> let my say this happened a number of times around the country. i have read about it in the past i thought to my myself after reading several cases i don't understand how this can happen. you must believe me. it can happen to anyone. >> baits apologized to the victim's family calling the shooting the worst day of his life. in healthy news this morning, the journal of neuroology neuroyolgs finds sleep apnea may lead to memory problems later in more. dr. azara is here with more. >> let's break down the results. the results showed natalie, people who experience snoring and sleep apnea may experience what is called mild cognitive impairment 13 years early as
8:04 am
well as alzheimer's roughly five years earlier. there's a little bit of good news if the people use something called c-pap it's a mask you put on over your head. it can cover the nose, mouth, or just the nose. it pushes air into the trachea, the windpipe so you get your air in the middle of the night. >> that is a scary headline when you hear that and you talk about the 90 million people who suffer from snoring. >> exactly. >> you're talking about heavy snorers and the sleep apnea. >> heavy snorers with sleep apnea. you have excessive daytime drowsiness. the people snore loudly. choking at night, and walk upke up with headaches. it's important because it can be treated. you don't want to say you have this can live with. you can get a sleep study and start using the machine. >> thank you very much. images of a heroic rescue in
8:05 am
idaho went viral this week. the identity of the man had been a history. he vanished until now. tamron hall has the story. >> i'm no one special. just a regular dude. >> regular dude jason warnock almost didn't noticed a car dangling above him. >> the foreman, he's all don't look up. >> they saw an suv that had run off a residential road tearing through a backyard. >> then i seen him beating on the door. >> stuck inside was 23-year-old matthew citc orkso. >> before police could get to the scene, warknock knew he had to act fast. >> i was thinking god, don't let me have a heart attack before i get there. >> he reached the suv and got the passenger window open. >> he gave me his hand, you
8:06 am
know, and that was that. >> photographer on the scene took this picture that went viral with everyone wondering who is this mystery hero. >> i don't want recognizekognitionrecognition. >> but as soon as police arrived, instead of waiting for a pat on the back he told them he was leaving the scene. >> he had to go to work and he told the officer he was leaving. >> the cops were there. he's in good hands now. now i have to frame walls. >> that was tamron hall reporting. as for the man driving the car, he was taken to the hospital and recovering from fortunately minor injuries. 8:06 now. another check on the weather from al. >> hey! we have all the nice folks coming out here this morning. let's show you what we have going on now. look at this. heavy thunderstorms pushing their way up out of the gulf. as we go and show you what we're looking at afternoon temperatures it is nice and toasty in central florida. we're also expecting to see more
8:07 am
cool weather. and here is what you are looking for today. risk of strong storms in central plains making the way to the gulf. texas is in the hands of severe weather. we're beautiful day in the northeast. where are you from? >> san diego! >> all right. beautiful weather today in san diego. >>diego. 8:07. happy friday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. want to show you a cool shot here. you have the fog kind of moving in over the city. but at this point we're still nice and clear over the see itself. a lot of the fog will drift over as we head throughout the next couple of hours, just circling it for now. temperatures for today will be comfortable. we are talking about a return of the upper 80s in your inland valley spots. temperatures will be a little bit cooler at the coast because of a return of the fog. but overall getting into the next couple of days, temperatures will drop. >> and that is your latest weather. >> thanks very much. coming up we'll ask can
8:08 am
hoda survive her first dive into the friday fish bowl. >> i hear that's a lot of fun. plus could you make it? gwyneth paltrow said she came up three days short in her seven day food stamp challenge. say that to me. super simple skillet supper. >> seriously super simple skillet supper. >> that's what we're doing when we get back. we'll have a good one, guys. but first these messages. so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. when we go to the store i find my box of honey bunches of oats, and i'm checking to see if i packaged
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so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at allergies can distract you. so when your symptoms start, doctors recommend taking non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. with claritin, you get powerful, non-drowsy relief 24 hours a day, day after day. which is important because with fewer symptoms to distract you you can focus on the extraordinary things you do every single day. live claritin clear. every day. all right. it's friday. let's trend, shall we? >> ye can we have a round of applause for matt. >> nicely done. >> the newest prank on ellen has left her stunned. they've been going back and forth with all of these stunts.
8:14 am
ellen's been airing pretty softy videos followed by more softy videos. matt responded by putting 20,000 ping pong balls in her car. for a while it had been ellen 6, matt 1. with this prank, this one you're about to see, we think matt has taken it to new heights. take a look. >> this morning my phone was blowing up. my texts are going -- texts going back and forth. i'm like what's going on? and everyone's saying you have to see what matt lauer did. overnight he put up four billboards in -- [ applause ] the joke's on you because i'm a good plumber. >> ellen did visit one of those billboards. she posed in front of it in a perfect position. anyway, once again, she's vowing revenge. now as the store -- >> that's a good one. >> i think you deserve more. >> i agree.
8:15 am
>> you were outside the line. >> did anybody call 1-844-ellen-4-u. >> if you call it you will have a message from me. >> really? >> that's worth 2 points for sure. >> yeah absolutely. >> 6-4. >> did you communicate? >> ellen called me yesterday after she came from the intersection where she saw the billboard and i have to say, she gave us a lot of credit here. >> she did? >> and we're all in trouble. >> you went big. >> go big or go home. >> at what point do we say, we're done we're even? >> right before someone gets hurt. you're calling the number right now? >> yeah. yeah. >> i say we don't want to play it on the air. >> i'm not going to play it on the air. >> by the way, that full episode of ellen airs on monday. >> awesome. good for you. what do you do when you're on a plane and the person next to you starts to snore? >> i put my fingers over their nose. >> i steal their magazines. >> here's one thing not to do
8:16 am
don't poke them with a pen. that's what a woman did before a recent southwest flight in chicago. >> oh, my gosh. >> you can see pen marks all over the guy. the plane hadn't even taken off. the guy started snoring and the woman apparently got fed up so she started poking him. for that southwest officials kicked her off the plane. >> good. >> yeah. >> she shouldn't have played tick tac toe. >> he thought someone was hitting him with beans. >> it is a little unnerving when someone on the plane is snoring and you're next to them. >> how do you wake them up? >> i steal their stuff. >> no what do you do? you have to get the massive dr. azar hat on? >> i put the headphones on. drown it out. >> pretend you didn't do it? >> how about that play, dad? >> you're not even on the plane. >> friday fish bowl. hoda's never done this one.
8:17 am
lady's first. >> all right. >> you know the deal. there's questions in here. >> what's one item you would grab if your house was on fire? >> i'd probably grab my journal. i keep journals. those are the only things i think you can't live without. >> boring. >> how about blake? >> blake's okay. >> what actress should play you in a movie? >> geez. >> uh-huh. >> there's an actress, natalie moralis. >> i googled her. >> get in there. >> let's see what we've got here. what is your biggest addiction? >> i think we met her earlier. >> you'll see in the cookie segment at 8:50. >> i don't know. >> work at this point. "the voice," here, travel. >> share a personal fact no one would guess about you. i'm extremely shy. >> that's surprising but true. >> what one thing would you do in life if you knew you couldn't fail? become the heavy weight championship of the world.
8:18 am
>> that's right. >> why not? >> heisman trophy. >> couple pounds to gain and some skills. >> that's what's trending today. >> that's good. we have an update on something that has been trending all week. gwyneth paltrow's food stamp challenge. she took some heat about how she spent her $29. she's calling it quits. here's nbc's hali jackson. >> gwyneth paltrow accepted a simple challenge to raise awareness about hunger. could you survive on a food stamp budget of $29 a week? that's just $4 a day. for paltrow, the answer is no. as i suspected, we only made it through about four days when i personally broke and had some chicken and fresh vegetables. earlier this week paltrow tweeted this photo of her haul things like avocados limes, things that are cheap in southern california. just $24.40 worth, a small budget that 46.5 million
8:19 am
americans are all too familiar with. my perspective has been forever altered by how difficult it was to eat whole some nutritious food on that budget even for a few days. the actress who gave herself a c minus sees the failed experiment as an eye-opening lesson to millions who face. many hard working mothers are being asked to do the impossible. paltrow made a rare acknowledgment that the ideas she sometimes touts are not realistic for most. i'm not suggesting everyone eat organic food from some high horse in the sky. i'm saying everyone should be able to afford fresh, real food. a challenge that goes far beyond a trip to the grocery store. for "today," hali jackson, nbc news. >> paltrow said that she was dubious, that she could actually complete the week on such a small budget. she made a donation to the new york city food bank. she seems to get criticized. >> a lot. >> one of those people like a lightning rod. >> she's trying to do something
8:20 am
good. >> shining a light on a good topic. >> i think people are out of line on this. >> $29 a week to buy fresh fruits and vegetables produce. it's really hard to do that. >> unrealistic. we're going to move on to another worthy cause. run for today leading up to sunday's more fitness shape women's half marathon here in new york this sunday. natalie, you of course, the athlete you're co-hosting the event. running and co-hosting with erica hill. we've been sharing remarkable stories, stories like celeste cork ran and her daughter sydney who were injured in the boston marathon bombing. we caught up to them one day after dzhokhar tsarnaev was found guilty on all 30 counts. >> we were at home and we turned on the tv and we literally sat side by side holding hands just bawling our eyes out for every single thing to be guilty was
8:21 am
just -- we were beyond -- i can't say happy. you know that's not the word, but it was a sense of relief like they got it. they got it. you know they got this right. >> guilty on all counts for the attack which took celeste's legs and critically injured sydney. they had been at the marathon in 2013 to see celeste's sister carmen, cross the finish line. sydney was among the first survivors to testify at the trial. >> i wanted to let everyone know and i wanted to let him know that he did not break me. i can do this. i'm fine. >> we've been documenting their recovery from the shared hospital room to the early steps, to the emotional end of last year's marathon when the world learned the meaning of boston strong. this time we spoke with them in the new home being built for celeste outside lowell massachusetts. >> we're sitting here in what will be your dream house. >> i have to pinch myself. i wake up and i think, it's not real.
8:22 am
the only way i could have done this is because of all the outpouring of support, whether it was services or money or you know donations. >> the house, which should be done by mid summer has wider doorways for her wheelchair. the elevator which was donated, will give celeste access to the whole house. >> this is going to be my sanctuary where i can continue to heal. >> we were there in orlando florida, when she got her new feet alongside fellow survivor jeff bowman. >> we were one of the first people to get these feet and they've allowed me to have a more natural kind of walk. >> as celeste learned to walk again, carmen kept running. >> it's been you know sort of therapy for me. >> her sister remains her inspiration. >> i feel like the first year was all about just figuring out how to get up and live and the second year has been a lot about healing internally for her whole family, for all of us. >> that family now includes two
8:23 am
service dogs to help her move around celeste has sebastian. >> he's my gentle giant. >> and sydney has code a to help her deal with post traumatic stress. >> how important has he been to your recovery? >> he saved my life. >> really? >> what do you think we can all take away on the second anniversary of the marathon bombing? >> that time does heal although for so many of us our lives are changed forever. my heart breaks breaks for the lives that we lost that day. i can't imagine what those families are going through because i came so close to losing her, and sometimes i think, like why was i so lucky that i got to keep her and those families lost their loved ones. >> what began with an attack on an endurance race is now a testament to what can be endured and overcome.
8:24 am
>> the outpouring of love and support that we've gotten, it doesn't erase it but it makes it bearable and it renews your faith in the human spirit. i'm stronger because of it. >> they are doing so well. >> it's like monday at the 119th running of the boston marathon. we found some great runners on the plaza. >> we did. we've been looking for a lot of runners lately. we want to thank as well some of the runners from around the country. our nbc stations and affiliates who partnered with us on run for today, leading 5ks to half marathons. that's our friends in connect u. sacramento, nbc 4 in southern california and many others across the country. they have really helped turn this into -- >> they were great. they were behind this. >> here's my favorite one. look at this real quick.
8:25 am
it says 13.1 because i'm only half crazy. >> go girl. >> i love that. well, if you are a new yorker you're a little half crazy on sunday as well head for central park to cheer on all of the runners at the more fitness shape women's half marathon. we have a great "today" show guest as well and lots of producers behind her. >> good job, guys. >> hats off to you, natalie and erica. you're unbelievable. >> back inside to you. thanks guys. you know the wrangler five month old puppy, never had a bath. >> oh, wrangler. >> true true true. series cooking. we're going to finish up our big, yummy, super simple skillet supper. it's next after your local news.
8:26 am
8:26. i'm sam brock. . california's water board is expected to unveil its plan to cut water usage by 25%. most communities will have to reduce water output anywhere from 10 to 35% depending upon how much water customers are currently using. some regional agencies are filing complaints over the cutbacks but the governor says he has no intention of backing down. governor brown is also getting lots of opposition from some industries, including landscapers. right now you're probably hoping friday light stays rather light. let's check in with mike. it's lighter, sam. oakland where this is a good amount of traffic but compared to a monday through thursday
8:27 am
8:26 this is moving well. past the coliseum. looking at the map, slow from san leandro up to the area for 580 and 880. the bay bridge toll plaza looking light. the metering lights are still on. crash out of 680 cleared. over here not a big deal through 880 and 680 south of 580. slow through fremont and northbound through silicon valley. thank you very much, mike. we'll see you in another 25 pontes minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ oh yeah. it is 8:30 now on this friday morning, april 17th, 2015. my mom's birthday by the way. >> happy birthday! >> we've got a great crowd here at rockefeller center. matt snuck off early. he had to catch a flight. >> coming up are you a frazzled parent? this morning three parenting hacks that help you out with everything from sick days to those hectic mornings where you're just trying to get the family out the door.
8:31 am
and what better way to wrap up our super skillet supper weeks with a visit -- there's siri my fiance looking lovely. hold that thought. keep going, keep going. >> like half of lady and the tramp. >> hey, easy. >> hey! >> we're going to make a lot of -- >> i'm not calling her the tramp. and we've got some big things coming up next week. make your today. where we're going to surprise viewers with special acts of kindness. >> that's going to be sweet. >> plus we're also celebrating the best of broadw >> reporter: our week of broadway's best kicks off monday with a classic. "on the town" with music by legendary leonard bernstein. on tuesday, everyone's favorite
8:32 am
musical maven kristin chenoweth joins us. wednesday brings brandy back to the stage in "chicago." on thursday director david hyde pierce brings the laughs and madness from "it should have been you" starring tyne daly. and a performance of "something rotten" should be anything but. >> what a great week. we've got make your today and the best of broadway all thexnext week. all right, al. a check of the weather? >> let's show you what we've got going on. a look ahead to the weekend for saturday. a strong risk of storms in the south. sunshine in the east. sunday sunday! we still have that risk of strong storms especially in the lower mississippi river valley. wet weather into the great lakes. showers we are also looking at a gorgeous day along the west
8:33 am
coast. northeast is looking spectacular. some good advice -- i know i've been guilty of it. good 8:# 33. the heat is on inland for today. we do have some cooling clouds returning to the coastline. temperatures will climb to about 77 degrees in san francisco. 83 on the peninsula. 86 degrees for us here in the intai south bay. temperatures dropping into the low 80s inland this weekend. saturday and sunday on the peninsula, low 70s for san francisco. then a big change. showers moving in late monday to tuesday. >> this weekend make sure you get your weather wherever you need it. weather channel on cable and online. that's a nice hair cut. i like that. now back inside to carson. >> announcer: "today's" parenting team is brought to you
8:34 am
by johnson's.. >> now to today's parenting team. sanity savers to help you manage the craziness of raising kids. we're talking about everything i can relate to all these things. with three moms and "today" contributors first up we're dealing with six kids. amanda good to have you here this morning. i've got three kids. you've got two kids. inevitably they're going to get sick especially at a young age. let's start with kids and the taste of medicine. >> a little bit of chocolate goes a long way. >> chocolate? >> chocolate fixes everything. >> you're kidding me. >> all you need to do is take a couple of chocolate morsels. let the chock let melt on their tongue. so all they taste is the tweet chocolate and not the medicine. >> you do that first. >> yes. give them the yucky medicine and chocolate fixes everything. >> how about the lollipops? >> i take a lollipop and dip it
8:35 am
in the medicine and i let her lick the lollipop. and she's getting the medicine off every time she licks the lollipop. when she's done she gets a lollipop and mom gets one too. >> that's good for cough syrup. >> right. >> i've got three kids. inevitably i'm worried about one passing it to the other. what is the solution to keep your kids from trying to keep them from getting sick? >> i think the best idea is keep them separated and maybe hope for the best. it's probably inevitable it's going to happen. >> what about ear aches? >> ear aches -- for ear aches, the great thing to do is to create your own heating pad. a sock fill it with the coarse salt. add a little bit of lavender tie it off. heat it up in a skillet for a minute or two. it's like a heating pad they can put on their ear or soar. you don't have to worry about plugging it in or burning them. it'll feel good on their face. >> what about sick kids at night
8:36 am
and their sheets? >> if you've got tummy trouble and big messes ahead, you've got to -- >> that's the way of putting it. >> think lasagna. you want to have layers of towels and layers of bed sheets. couple different layers. if you have to go in for a cleanup, strip off the top layer and underneath the bed is clean and it's made. they can get into bed, get back to sleep and you get ready for round two. >> think lasagna there. be preemptive. smart. thank you so much. >> keeping your kids organized and getting them to help around the house is a chore in itself. but guess who's here with me. bree smith who's the mother of a toddler. bree hi. >> hi good morning. >> we want to keep our kids busy. off clever way to play with. >> this is great for infants and babies. they're called sensory bags. super easy. zip lock bag, hair gel,
8:37 am
non-pointy toys wrap it with duct tape. these are great. they actually -- you can't not poke it right? >> right. and you're worried the gel may ooze out of there, but it's safe enough? >> double bag. of course you don't want to give something to a baby and not supervise. >> all right. so kids inevitably have crayons and little toys all over the place. you found a great way to store them with baby wipe containers. >> washed. those toys when you step on them they hurt. little toy cars. these are great. you can decorate them. and little hands fit perfectly in here. >> clever. >> yeah. great way to keep them organized and when you go visit, go over to auntie hoda's house, you get one box to take with you. >> kids like to help with chores. this is a good way to sort for the kids. >> you add one person to your household and it seems like you added ten when it comes to
8:38 am
laundry day. make them sort. they get a white basket color basket. >> they're learning already. instead of taking away the electronic device take away the charging cord. that's playing with their brains. >> essentially it reinforces good decisions. instead of taking away the device you've still got it. you have to ration how you're going to spend the 60% -- >> i'm already hyperventilating. but you can use your device if you want to use it. >> just you ration it out. kids love to pour things. let me pour let me pour. and it inevitably leads to a mess. bree figured something to stop this. >> an open addition washer door is toddler height which is genius. if they want to poor their own juice, you just open the door and let them poor as much as you want. >> oh look. it's in the dishwasher. >> oh look. it's gone.
8:39 am
>> hocus-pocus, bree. all great. all right. thanks so much. let's head back down to carson. >> that's in the book i'm sure. thank you, hoda. appreciate it. last but not least, hassle free ways to get your kids out the door in the morning. this is a mother of three and also great author. her words not mine. fathers are blank holes. it's not your fault. excellent title. >> thank you. >> let's get right into it. mornings is like oh my gosh. deet geting breakfast is a challenge. >> mornings are hectic. what i suggest, set the places all the night before. when they say i don't want this spoon and cup, it's all set up. you can use a pizza cutter to cut their pancakes and toast. >> to make it more fun. >> and easier to clean up. >> getting kids dressed is a chore to say the least. what do you got? >> toddlers are picky. they want to dress themselves and no one has time for that drama in the morning.
8:40 am
they pick it out because they want to make that -- they're little dictators. keep that in lay it out the night before. get it all set up from shoes to top. and they love seeing the little layout on the floor and they're ready, done. >> what is this contraption here? you say this saved your life. >> it did. it really did. these are led clocks for kids. children like to rise before the sun. you'll find them up at 3:30 watching "jake and the neverland pirates." they tell them when it's okay to rejoin the family. okay it's 6:00 a.m. they see it go from blue to yellow, you can get up. >> it makes them feel like i can get up. >> no one wants to see you before then. >> i'll take these two for my children. >> how about the binkies. >> this is a judgment free zone. if your toddler uses a pacifier that's fine. make sure you have one on you. the last thing you want to do is be in the grocery store and they're screening like they're
8:41 am
possessed. >> we're speaking with bunmi. you can read up on all of our contributors. we'll have a new question to weigh in on in honor of mother's day. what's the best life lesson your mother taught you. you can share your stories by going to >> my lovely fiance. a super simple skillet supper. don't say that ten times fast. this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
back now at 8:43. sunday the 40th anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing.
8:44 am
they showed up two of the survivors. >> a very special experience coming back after 20 years. reconnecting with survivors. you may remember the extraordinary rescue of dana bradley from the building. she has rarely talked about it. she and her sister felicia both survived the bombing and you'll see they're still recovering all these years later. >> survivors with a simple wish. >> normal as they knew it ended when a church bomb exploded in oklahoma city april of 1995. >> i was terrified. i was screaming for help. >> reporter: dana bradley and her sister felecia bradley had been running an errand. they suffered debilitating injuries, slow to heal. >> i cried a lot.
8:45 am
one part of my pain was the burn. >> reporter: and this photo shows daina pinned under rubble powered by debris. the only way out was almost thinkable. a doctor would do a battlefield style amputation. >> i told him, do what you have to. if you've got to cut my leg off, do what you have to. >> reporter: you wanted to live? >> i wanted to live you know? i just wanted to get out of there. >> reporter: there was more. the sisters had not gone to the federal building alone. their mother and two small children were killed. >> i would love to see her grow up. my mother was everything to me. >> reporter: both sisters lost a physical part of themselves. daina's leg and felicia lost her right ear from extensive burns, but now after waiting 20 years, felecia finally received a prosthetic ear. >> reporter: do you mind showing it to us? >> it's a blessing to me. i've got an earring. i'm real cute now. beautiful.
8:46 am
>> oh, yeah. >> reporter: her sister daina, a different kind of change. she had never returned to the bombing site until now. finally sing this memorial and the chairs in honor of her mother and two babies. >> they're beautiful. i'm happy to see that their names are there. >> reporter: two sisters who shared the will to survive. what do you think you've accomplished here? >> i have accomplished like 20 years of fear and success. >> reporter: and the courage to keep living. >> i like it because i'm with her and we're together and we're doing it together now. >> reporter: and it was really quite something to watch daina see this place for the first time and to now be able to share it with her sister for many years to come. if you notice daina's limp its
8:47 am
he because her prosthetic is outdated and it doesn't fit well. we were able to help her meet up with experts in new york city. she's hoping the attention around the bombing will help her get a leg that works better to keep her recovery going. hoda? >> absolutely. >> people who saw that should step up to the plate and help her out. >> absolutely. i have a feeling somebody will. >> i have a feeling you're right. we're going have a lot more from oklahoma city this weekend on "today" and on "nbc nightly news." first this on "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
all right. we're back at 8:49 with our final super simple skillet supper. in my own humble opinion we've saved the best for last. my lovely fiance siri is here.
8:50 am
i call her bingo. don't let that throw you. >> one of our favorite dishes from one of our restaurants. when we moved cross country last year, we were a little worried about our son's adjustments. he was 5 years old. the first thing he saw in our town benny hanna. he was like california a wha? >> it's hard to replicate those recipes. >> this is a simple shrimp and noodle stir fry. right now we have mushrooms and zucchini in the skillet. add the green onions. >> they have a prakogram there where you can be she chef. i did it and cooked the entire meal for our whole family. it was super fun. there i am there. but you learn all the tricks. >> okay. now what? >> this is going to saute for about five minutes. for now we can transfer them into our bowl and we'll work on the shrimp. >> transfer them to the bowl. just dump everything in. >> dump it into your bowl.
8:51 am
and then we're going to add just a little bit more vegetable oil right here. just a little drizzle. >> okay. all right. >> you've already got some oil in the pan. and we're going to add our shrimp. >> you deveined it taken the tails off. >> siri did. let's be honest. >> i had them take the tails off this. you want to try one of the tricks? there's the lava onion, the beating heart. i did them all. you take the tail of the shrimp with your spatula. we're going to try to flip it and try to catch it. i'll go first. one, two, three. >> you did it! >> up high. go hope hoda. >> almost. >> come on.
8:52 am
>> very close. >> oh! >> the shrimp only takes a minute or two to cook. you want them sort of pink. we're going to throw everything back in the skillet at the end. so you want just a minute or two on each side. and so they sort of curl. i can't believe you just did that by the way. >> it's still in my hat. i'm going to keep it there all day. >> all right. >> then we're going to add everything back together. these are japanese udon noodles. >> these are cooked? >> cooked. we're going to put everything back in here in the skillet. >> did it take you awhile to figure out how to recreate the flavor? >> you know after going there maybe 45 times and every celebratory meal ever you get the -- >> she's like the norm and cliff of benny hannah. when she walks in they go bingo!
8:53 am
>> the most important part is the garlic butter. you've seen them slather it on there. >> don't kid yourself everybody. it's garlic butter. >> it's just softened butter with minced garlic. so we're going to throw that in there. and then chicken sauce, soy sauce, and sesame oil. to make a thick sauce, turn up your heat a little bit and it will concentrate it. >> there you have it there. i like hot sauce on mine. >> that's delicious. >> siri awesome. really good. >> nice job, bingo. >> can you make an egg roll? >> yeah. >> push it. >> there we go. go to the website and thank you, bingo. job well done. >> thank you. >> we're back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
such a great meal. what do you have coming up? >> we have another first look at the return of h aan solo. down loaded 17 million times. >> all right.
8:56 am
also matthew morrison is here. back on broadway. >> that's all coming up.n solo: a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a man is facing charges of molesting a child in his care. now police believe there may be more victims. sierra cruz and his wife worked for family in orinda and antioch. he is accused of mo lesting a 6-year-old girl in 2008. police officers in campbell have their hands full of
8:57 am
kittens. three kittens were found in a public works yard yesterday morning. accordingly. one person opened a car door and found them inside. they're bottle fielding them until they're old enough to be adopted. another update in half an hour. see you then.
8:58 am
8:59 am
my name is bret hembree. i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," matthew morrison is here. from the screen to the stage in "finding neverland." then the force returns and so does harrison ford in a "star wars" sneak peek. and "sex in the city" fans get ready. sarah jessica parker is next. all that and more next. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today." it's a friday morning. that's some good news. april 17th 2015. big crowd on the plaza. i'm willie along with al natalie, and tamron. we are bubbling with excitement right now. >> my gosh. >> woke up to the trailer. or you woke up to this. >> the new j.j. abrams edition
9:01 am
of the "star wars" films will be out around christmas. we got a look at the first trailer. check it out. >> my fa i have it. my sister has it. you have that power too. ♪ >> chewy we're home.
9:02 am
>> goose bumps. >> so good. >> goose bumps. >> we've got to wait until december 18th. >> three words, break the internet. chewy wre home. >> and then i brought these for princess leia. you thought i was eating. get your buns ready. you like that? did you ever do your hair like that. >> no. i didn't have the capability. >> i think i did for halloween. >> i went to see the original "star wars" when i closed my eyes i can still see the marquee in little ft. worth, texas, walking in with my whole sunday school group. it's emotional. >> i was i guess 5 years old when the first one came out. >> jeez. >> how old were you? >> '77, i was 24. and i went and saw it again. i went right back in and saw it
9:03 am
again. >> did you pay again? >> no. i just sat down. >> back then they didn't care. >> no. you just sat there. it was the best. >> hearing that music and seeing the x-wing fighter, you feel like you're 10 years old again. >> and mark hamill's voice. >> and how great does harrison ford look in that? he looks amazing. >> i think we all go midnight show zplp show we already said that earlier. >> but can we dress in costume? >> is this an episode of "the big bang theory"? >> you have to. >> would you dress up as princess leia? >> yeah. >> who is she going to be? >> you can be both. >> you can be princess amadama. >> i could be r2d 2. >> i have to be chewy.
9:04 am
>> i'm going lando. >> great call. >> you did han solo. >> one halloween. we did the whole cast. we got to pull that up. >> don't want to be an ewok this time. >> no. >> they've been sampling the punch. >> for people who don't recall at home, i'm sure it's on youtube. >> couple of us went to the bar scene. >> it got a little randy. >> youtube after the show. >> that was the guy's name little randy. >> his name was little randy? >> no. >> i fell for that. sorry. >> so we are exciting. 17 million views already. >> disney now worth $2 billion. bob iger is a genius. you know what i'm going to do? i'm going to buy lucas films.
9:05 am
everybody says why. and i'm going to buy marvel comics. bam. >> he's in good hands with j.j. abrams. >> revitalized the "star wars" franchise. >> i love how the kid in everybody comes out. and you'll take your kids. >> it's generations that grew up with it. every time we say what are we going to watch tonight, if we can't think of anything "star wars." >> not the prequels. >> you know i still haven't seen those? because i didn't want to tarnish my memory. >> if it's a bad weather day, put it in. some great acting. there are some controversial characters let's be honest. but it's good. >> to me one of the redeeming value of those first three, samuel l. jackson. and yoda kicks butt against -- >> you get a texture of the characters. >> it's jar jar we can't move past. >> here's a picture of a very odd looking han solo.
9:06 am
>> i love yoda. >> wow. look at that. my goodness. >> so we will be in costume in line with everyone that day. can we zip past the rest of the year and to that? >> that we're excited about. this we're not so excited about. video of espn reporter britt mchenry berating a tow company employee. this is an edited portion of what she had to say. her car had just been towed from a parking lot of a restaurant. she went to pick it up. >> i'm in the news sweetheart i will [ bleep ] sue this place. >> that's fine. i'll play your video so careful. >> i wouldn't work at a [ bleep ] place like this. makes my skin crawl even being here.
9:07 am
yep that's all you care about is just taking people's money. with no education, no skill set. just wanted to to clarify that. do you feel good about your job? so i could be a college dropout and do the same thing? why because i have a brain and you don't? >> don't say that. >> maybe if i was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh? oh like yours because they look so stunning. because i'm on television and you're in a [ bleep ] trailer, honey. lose some weight baby girl. >> espn suspended her for one week. she did apologize on twitter. this is part of it. in an intense and stressful moment i allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things. as frustrated as i was, i should always choose to be respectful and take the high road. i will learn from this mistake.
9:08 am
we spoke to someone in mchenry's camp who says the tape can be edited. and it doesn't show the complete version of events. but either way this person said they're not justifying her actions, they just want you to know it may have been moving around a bit. >> what is moved around? >> maybe her reaction is to something else that was said. >> so they're saying the woman caused her to react that way? >> they're not justifying it. >> and there is no justification. whether or not she knew there was a camera recording which she did because the employee said it but still. you don't talk to people like that. >> you can express frustration. my goodness i'm so mad my car got towed. but the poor lady she's doing her job. then you start talking about her physical appearance. and economic situation. her education. and in her tweet apology, maybe she has apologized to the worker i don't know. but at least in the tweet, i don't know it's 140 characters but it would have been nice to see one saying by the way i did
9:09 am
apologize to this woman. she's a human being. it is hurtful. >> i was riding my bike yesterday. i was at a bike and i heard something just foul language just berating somebody on a customer service line on the other end. forget about treating people with respect and as human beings. do you think that's going to really help you? >> that's what i say. >> with what you're looking for? >> when you see that kind of behavior do you feel a responsibility to do anything about it? to call people out a little bit? because we're doing a whole "dateline" series about this coming up. it's hard. if you see somebody being abusive to say something. >> physically abusive, i think i would. my mother says i have this savior complex. if i say something the next thing it's escalated to why are you talking to that person way. and if they are aggressive then it picks up. physical i'm going to help anyone. >> when i've been on the subway
9:10 am
and heard kids using foul language i say do you really want to use that? and they tell me to blank off. >> and you just walk away. >> but you know maybe they'll think about it when they get home. they'll say you know that jerk al roker. >> your point, do you think someone will respond in a helpful way when you're attacking them? if she's upset about her car tow towed away be l that help the situation? >> no. >> but we're all in that situation where you get to a point you just feel like you can't take it anymore but you don't treat people like that. >> we're all human. this next story shows that. pat mccrory. >> we're behind. i'm with duke university. >> excuse me. that was on camera. ta-da! >> yes.
9:11 am
that my friends, grace under pressure. >> that is grace under pressure. >> he was under the table. >> it's all about how you react. >> he could have been embarrassed but he went and had a good time. >> nicely done. >> that should be the hash tag today. all how you react. that's a good thing. lucy teach you that? >> of course. >> you have lots of weather to talk about today. >> we do. we got this low pressure system not going anywhere. what we call a cutoff low because there's no steering mechanism for it. so it is stuck. and so it's creating severe thunderstorms today. we could be looking at tornadoes in san antonio, houston, corpus christi. then hail, damageing winds. and tomorrow more of the same. veer thunderstorms down in houston, corpus christi. could see tornadoes out of these. and heavy downpours stretching from texas all the way to the florida panhandle. so we've got flash flood watches, flood warnings.
9:12 am
upwards of 8 inches along the louisiana coast. and as you get inland maybe 5 inches of rain in parts of nebraska kansas and oklahoma. so flooding going to be a big problem this weekend that's w 9:12. happy friday bay area. taking a look here. san francisco is going to be a little bit cooler for today as we get into the next couple days. you'll notice more of an on shore flow. for us that means the natural ac is back on. but it's not going to reach your inland valley spots. you'll be in the mid to upper 80s. 86 in the south bay. 79 degrees for the east shore and 77 in san francisco today. i know your weekend is important to you. temperatures are going to ease a touch saturday into sunday. then we have rain on the way by tuesday. >> and by the way, i didn't mean to demote your performance as princess. it's queen. >> i didn't even catch that. yes, i'm a queen. >> yes. you are. yes, you are. >> you are our queen.
9:13 am
>> royalty. >> all right, al. thanks. coming up next we are very excited. "glee" star matthew morrison starring in a new broadway show "finding neverland." we saw it the other night, can't wait to talk to him and the shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great... ...if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog-walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. and you don't even have to be a member to start shopping today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today.
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9:16 am
we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what? we all know singer and actor matthew morrison from "glee" but he was a broadway star long before that show. >> and he's returning to his theater roots in "finding neverland" based on the movie starring johnny depp. it's a story of how they found the inspiration to create peter pan. and the musical is being directed by diane pollock. they're with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning b. >> we had a chance to see the show. we all love the story. to see you and say you were tremendous is an understatement.
9:17 am
we loved you in "glee" and your broadway background. but that show is grueling. congratulations. how's it feel? >> it feel. no it's -- it's a big task every night to kind of tackle i sing 14 songs in the show. >> wow. >> and he dances. a great dancer he is. >> but i never leave the stage. but it's -- for as much energy as i put out there, i get back. i feel so fulfilled every night taking my bow and just -- i really feel like the show is telling a great story and the audiences are loving it. it's a great journey to be on. >> congratulations to you, diane. it was the edge of your seat the whole time. it's so great. you've had a lot of success already. won a tony on broadway. but this it feels to me is a big production but there's also so much anticipation about it. is that a little stressful for
9:18 am
you to draw the curtain open on opening night? >> the audience response to this has been so tremendous. and i've been sitting for three weeks in previews watching every show. and i have been amazed. i have never experienced this kind of response across stages. i've seen kids parents, everyone and they're just moved. and i really believe that's why people go to the theater. to feel alive and be moved by a powerful story. and when you have a cast like matthew and kelsey grammer, you know who are giving so much every performance, it's kind of a dream come true as a director. >> what's it like working with kelsey? >> i've been a fan of his for such a long time. he makes me laugh every night but he also is the biggest baby. this last kind of number thing, he's so connected to the show. the faith is a big part of our
9:19 am
show. the last number we sing he's behind me and he's so into it and he falls and i can hear him -- >> crying. >> like he cries every night. he's a pleasure. he's so emotional. >> and we have a special guest from the show joining us this morning. shal? tinkerbell. >> you mean the guy with the flashlight? >> oh, hi, tinkerbell. >> that's our little fairy right there. jerry the fairy. >> goodness gracious. >> thank you, matthew morrison and diane pallulus. ahead, look who's behind bars for trespassing. we've got the story. but first what you're c
9:20 am
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9:23 am
getting ready to run for today here in new york with some of my "today" show colleagues. >> that's right. we want to see how ready she is. we have brett hoebel. >> good to see you guys. >> i think natalie's going to win because she's our running expert here. >> these are tricky questions. first question coming up. does running burn this? 25% more calories than walking or 50% more calories than walking? >> i'm going to say this. 25. >> i'm saying 50. >> you have to do jumping jacks. so 25% unfortunately i love walking, it's a great form of exercise but it is that. 50%. the reason why, when you run you have to jump off the ground which takes more energy.
9:24 am
so walking is great, but if you can get it to a run, do a run. >> loser does pumpsh-ups. >> which of these two songs are more helpful for running a ten-minute song? song number one katy perry "roar." >> i run to this. >> or "dog days are over" by florence and the machine. >> florence and the machine. >> katy perry. >> oh okay. >> think when your feet -- you've got to time your feet. >> it's going to be katy perry. >> you have to run on the beat. my gosh. really serious about this. >> you want to find a song if you're doing a ten minute mile beats per 150. it's dog days. >> we're both wrong. okay next. >> whoever is going to answer first has to do jumping jacks. here it is. what is a better preworkout
9:25 am
snack? energy bar or green tea? >> that. green tea. >> she did the jum you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. i love life, but really i love my chico's life. i take good care of myself and i love what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection only at chico's and
9:26 am
anniversary. anniversary anniversary. good friday morning. it's 9:26. customers at a walnut creek starbucks may be feeling queasy this morning. police have arrested 34-year-old jacob turner. he is suspected of recording people using a unisex bathroom inside of the broadway plaza store in walnut creek. on two occasions employees found cameras in the bathroom. the latest discovery was made tuesday. police managed to arrest turner with the help of store surveillance video. investigators are looking into whether other locations have been targeted. firefighters put out a car fire in san leandro this morning. you can see the flames there. this all happened a little bit after 4:00 a.m. on washington avenue. you can see the flames shooting up from behind the building. thankfully nobody was injured.
9:27 am
firefighters are still trying to figure out the cause. an emotional night at last night's san jose giants home opener. long-time giants fan bryan stow threw out the first pitch four years after a beating that left him in a coma. he was attacked outside of dodgers stadium and suffered permanent disabilities. last night he set aside his wheelchair to deliver the first pitch. we'll look at your weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is from the castro district in san francisco. you notice we have no clouds in the sky. temperatures, though because we had a little bit of low cloud cover earlier this morning, will climb into the 70s. a little cooler in san francisco. warmer everywhere else. 87 for the tri-valley. 87 in the north bay and 86 in the south bay today. temperatures will ease into saturday through sunday. by monday into tuesday much cooler weather returns and showers on the way. here is mike and your drive.
9:29 am
i confirm it's too hot for a suit and tie outside. looking toward 880, a slower drive past the coliseum. one of your slower spots. it's friday. we have a lighter volume of traffic. that's where you see the orange and red. that's the slowest speeds. bay bridge with no backup at the toll plaza. easier drive foun the east shore freeway. stall clearing from 101 getting in towards san francisco. south bay recovering 237 and 101. back to you. it's a beach friday, mike. we'll get our sandals and everybody will join in. back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. a new treatment is expected to change the way doctors treat people who have suffered acute strokes. research published in today's "new england journal of medicine" confirms that a procedure using a new clot-removal device dramatically reduces recovery for patients. it's called endovascular treatment and is the most promising treatment in two decades. dr. oz is a well-known tv doctor and cardiac surgeon who practices and teaches at columbia university. but ten physicians have written to the school demanding dr. oz be fired. the doctors accuse him of endangering the public for quack treatments. in a statement. >> colombia university said they are kbhilted to upholding
9:31 am
faculty members' freedom of expression for statements they make in public discussion.committed to upholding faculty members' freedom of expression for statements they make in public discussion. what causes nightmares? a new study takes a closer look. and researchers say depression, insomnia, and exhaustion may be major risk factors. they say the study shows a clear connection between well being and nightmares. the study did not prove that those factors were the definitive cause. you've probably heard the phrase "dress for success" and now a new study now backs it up. the journal of business research showed 150 students at a university in korea videos of three women being interviewed for an internship. they were all identical except for the logo on each woman's shirt. one was a luxury brand, another a fashion label, and one had no branding. the researchers chose the applicant wearing the luxury label saying she appeared more suitable and more likely to earn a higher wage. it could be called campfire in a cup. starbucks releasing a new s'mores-flavored frappuccino.
9:32 am
it will have marshmallow-infused and milk chocolate sauce, whipped cream and coffee, milk, ice. sounds like a summer drink for sure. it's a limited time release available starting april 28th. ready for that mr. roker? >> did they include the calorie count? let's get a check of the weather right now from mr. roker. >> i don't want to know the calorie count in this case. >> just enjoy. i got it. thanks so much, nat. let's look at the weekend ahead for your saturday. enhanced risk down in southern and central texas. also in southern nebraska. we're looking at a gorgeous day out west. mid-atlantic states looking good. sunday sunday! we've got more severe weather to talk about from the gulf coast all the way into the mid-mississippi river valley. and a bullseye right here. this is where we're going to be looking at some very severe weather possibly firing up. so we're going to watch that as we move into the weekeweather. 9:32. you made it to friday.
9:33 am
we have have a good-looking weekend coming your way. one more warm day. you can see atop san bruno mountain that the fog has burned off and temperatures will be a touch cooler today as a result of the low clouds in the city by the bay. warmer everywhere else. 86 for the south bay. 87 in the north bay. big-time changes coming your way. after we break more temperature records. those are in the forecast for today. napa napa. livermore and mountainview. showers returning soon. >> and that's your latest weather. training for you to get downstairs. >> yeah. exactly. hopefully i'm not out of breath. blooming cherry blossoms a swan parade in hot water. apparently it's time to take a look at some of the most memorable snapshots of the week. >> here with the stories behind those photos is brian reese realtime news editor at mashable. why don't you start us off in northern sierra leone as she attends the first day of school
9:34 am
in nearly eight months. >> well meet amnada. this is her first day of school because ebola had riddled the country. everyone kept home for that time as they fought the disease. she was one of only eight kids to go to school that day. the rest stayed home. but it's sthoeing that the country's starting to get back to normal. and she represents that front. >> great picture. >> beautiful young woman. great picture. let's head down to the nation's capitol. cherry blossom fever in full bloom. >> we've got the washington monument between two cherry blossom trees during the festival. fun fact about the trees. they were given to us by the japanese in 1912. since then over 4,000 trees have bloomed in d.c. people check them out and take in the beauty. >> it is the time to go. all right. now to this little guy. i don't know if he's still little. but this sea lion behind bars. what's the back story here?
9:35 am
>> this is the cutest prisoner isn't he? >> i know. but you feel sad. why? >> you do. he is a sea lion pup. he wandered up to a high school near san diego. the school called the cops. the cops came. they called seaworld animal patrol. what it is is now that the oceans are changing the mothers have to go further out to find food leaving them to fight for themselves. >> is he in the back of a squad car? >> he is. >> he's got cuffs on behind his back. >> he was take ton a buffet and they're going to rehabilitate him. >> we've got a caption contest. we asked people to tweet any captions for us. so we got one. diane stanfield wrote, i'm sorry officer i just wanted a few fish. >> cute. >> somebody else said what happens in vegas stays in vegas. i like that one too. >> next we've got a swan parade. >> we do. i love swan parades and this is a good one.
9:36 am
this is in ontario, canada. they spend their winter couped up in a brick building. then to mark the start of spring they are marched down to the main street and they're led to the river. they're royal birds. >> i like that you like a swan parade. >> who doesn't like a swan parade? >> i've never thought about it but now that you mention it. >> how about this? it's a shot of a motocross rider. >> this is an event in hong kong. they went there for spreading the love of motocross. he's hanging out upsidedown doing what he does best. showing spectators what motocross is. >> how old would he be if he had survived? >> he stuck the landing, al. >> thank you. thank you so much. . up next gather your girlfriends and guy friends and bring back the cosmos. sarah jessica parker is
9:37 am
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9:41 am
hello. tgif and cheers to another edition of pop fix. >> friday. >> with your rave music blasting. a big surprise for rihanna fans. the singer debuts on twitter one of the most important music videos i've made to date. so the singer swapped her edgy style for a more serious tone in her "american oxygen" video. the powerful video stitches together some of the most significant moments in history. ♪ breathe out ♪ ♪ breathe in ♪ ♪ american oxygen ♪ ♪ every breath i breathe shaping this american dream ♪ ♪ turn it into an empire ♪ ♪ oh ♪ ♪ breathe in this feeling ♪ ♪ american american oxygen ♪
9:42 am
>> goose bumps. the toon has people buzzing. it represents as much the pride in this country as it does the problem with -- he said he listened to a lot of bruce spring teen in the year it took to write it. the title is where you can hear the song and all that. >> i think it's a beautiful song. and the video looks amazing. >> it's just beautiful. >> good for her. >> it is fan it's a pick. it's good to see her doing something like that. it's official. sjp, that's what her friends call her but i'm not her friend so we'll call her sarah jessica parker. she's slipping on a new deal at hbo. it's been ten years since sarah jessica playing carrie bradshaw. now she's starring in a new comedy series called "divorce."
9:43 am
parker will play a woman named francis who's in the middle of a very long divorce. and decides it's time for a fresh start. thomas hayden church. >> love him. >> that's her soon to be ex-husband. while molly shannon will play her high strung best friend. >> three for three. >> i'm in. >> this might be the new girls night. >> six degrees of molly shannon. she was a life guard at a pool that i used to go to in shaker heights when i lived in cleveland. >> i was one degree of molly shannon. >> you played her. >> superstar. >> and she wins. okay. a scary moment for country group lady antebellum. hailey scott and her manager were riding in the tour bus when it caught fire. we love this group. great people. scott posted a dramatic photo of the burned bus letting fans know that everyone is okay. she added thanking god for the safety of all those who helped put the fire out and keep us
9:44 am
safe. spokesperson tells e! news the fire had blown out. the band was on the way to attend the country music awards where they're nominated for vocal group of the year. thank god they're okay. we love them so much. michael douglas, he's opening up about reconciling with his wife catherine zeta jones. he says things between he and zeta are back on track. >> i'm crazy about her. i think every couple has their difficult times. the only problem is as you well know we're in the public eye and it tend to get a little more exposed than most. but we're back stronger than ever. >> i'm happy to hear that. >> thank you. >> you heard him say he's crazy about her. michael douglas mentioned on the show and and his wife are about to celebrate their 15th anniversary. congratulations to you both. love you both. >> congratulations. >> love them. >> and by the way, we have one
9:45 am
other piece of news here. can we put up the pictures here? there is a photo spread appearing in the new issue -- do we have the pictures? >> we should. >> there it is. >> philadelphia style magazine. look at miss hall. tamron hall. >> '40s glamour. >> it is. >> wow. >> amazing style team. >> you went to college in philly. >> big connection to philly. and yeah they talk about domestic violence awareness. i'm fortunate enough to get an award next week. we'll be talking about that later but it was an honor. and that style team on fire. thank you philly style. >> something good to work with here. come on. >> all right. >> okay. al cooking up a storm. what you got? >> we're going to do breakfast lunch and dinner gluten free including pancake waffle bacon. >> bacon waffles.
9:46 am
>> it's the perfect transport system. >> things made with love are the best things. you put your heart into it make it special. you go out of your way to show how much you care. and that's exactly how we grow our avocados all year round. with love, from mexico. sal khan: khan academy is a not-for-profit, with a mission of providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they can cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace. and so, bank of america came and reached out to us and said 'we are really interested in making sure that everyone really understands personal finance.' and we're like 'well, we're already doing that.' and so it was kind of a perfect match.
9:47 am
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9:49 am
the so slimming collection only at chico's and my family, we love the kitchen. this week i've got great gluten free recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner. we are trying to cut back. we want to start with breakfast. i've always talked about the bacon waffle. and i had this epiphany.
9:50 am
i had leftover waffle mix and bacon. i thought why not combine the two. any gluten free waffle pancake mix. i like one called pamela's. and you basically take your waffle batter -- >> now, when you said gluten free i was like is it tasty. >> it is tasty. >> and you said? >> you take already cooked bacon that you have and you close up the waffle maker. and boom. then you take it out. here's the waffle. >> why does it taste so -- people think that you have to compromise something. >> i don't know. it's pamela's. >> it's a brand. >> you pour the syrup over you're good. that's breakfast. now, my daughter leila likes to be a little vegetarian. i found this recipe when i went to the white house. this young woman, 10-year-old young lady mira solomon came up with this recipe. you're going to saute garlic
9:51 am
onions chop it up. some spices. and then you're going to saute everything in the pan. then you're going to put in your black beans. you're going to let this cool for about five minutes. then you're going to put that into the blender. put that in. and then you just kind of take this. >> what binds this together? >> anyway it's going to -- and you put it in here. and then you're going to add an egg white, gluten free bread crumbs. mix them together. and then you put them in the fridge for about 30 minutes. they firm up. and you make patties. and you cook them about five minutes a side. >> i'm still on breakfast. it's too good. >> i love them. >> do you toast your bun? >> i don't like my bun toasted. but that's just me. and they're gluten free buns. and for dinner we like to do
9:52 am
little wraps. >> delicious. >> okay. that burger is so good. >> you let this wrap soften a bit. then once they soften this water is cooled off a bit but you're basically going to come along and take whatever ingredients u you have. veggies, chicken, scallions. and you're going to fold this over and make yourself these nice little wraps. with shrimp or whatever. >> dipping sauce. >> a little soy sauce and scallion chopped up together. it's not soy sauce. it's tamari because soy has gluten in it. >> you've got to make this burger tonight. it's amazing. >> recipes all on the website. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
we're still busy eating but erica hill is here to talk about what is coming up on weekend
9:55 am
"today." >> we'll be running. we're carb loading. we'll introduce you to two sisters with a strong bond. they are best friends even when they were younger it didn't start out that way. they will be walking the half marathon with natalie and i and 10,000 of our closest friends this weekend. but what's really incredible is they overcame cancer the exact same kind of cancer within months. so they're celebrating their health. they're celebrating being alive because they're now in their early 50s. their mom passed away at 51. they're celebrating crossing that milestone, doing this together. they'll be walking with us. >> that's what i love about this race. there's so many stories like that. it's an all-female race. there's so many great women. >> carb-o-load. >> if you say so. >>
9:56 am
very good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. authorities have broken up another major pot grower in benicia. solano county deputies and fbi agents seized plants with the worth more than $14 million from a warehouse yesterday. in january authorities busted another grow operation in a
9:57 am
warehouse less than a mile away. a 34-year-old hayward man is under arrest. his first court appearance is scheduled for monday. google is about to shake up its search results with an emphasis on mobile access. they'll trend towards websites it considers mobile friendly. experts say the move could impact businesses that get most of their traffic online. google says the new algorithm will only apply to hand-held searches. pretty day shaping up for us. it will be on the warm side later on. 83 degrees on the peninsula today. 86 in the south bay. and 87 degrees in the north bay. so this is peak warmth for today getting into your weekend. a little bit cooler and then as we head through early next week, we're counting on shower activity. appreciable rainfall for the greater bay area. we'll have the full details on this plus we'll tell you what's happening across the bay area
9:58 am
this weekend. lots of events today at 11:00. here is mike to check your drive. empty at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights should be turned off. i want to show you the map. there is a slow down coming down the berkeley curve. west bound and antibodynorthbound 880. no interruptions to the flow of traffic. look at the beautiful drive. expect midday to see a build getting into san francisco. a lot of folks heading there for fun. for the bayshore freeway and 85 slow through cupertino. typical toward apple. we'll be back in about half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
10:00 am
. from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> oh, yeah. ♪ won't you hold my hand ♪ >> oh, yeah. try day friday. >> yeah. >> april 17th. >> my mom's birthday. >> happy birthday to sammy. no, you're not seeing things. no these aren't our real noses. of course they know it's not our real noses. red noses in anticipation of red nose day. >> the thing about red nose day. here's what it is. a campaign that kicks off today that runs through may 21st to support non-profit organizations that help lift young kids and young people out of poverty. >> it's for a great, great
10:01 am
cause. this is how it works. you buy a nose for $1 at walgreens, 50 cents goes to charity. half of it. >> put your nose on put it on social media, share it spread the word. >> started in the uk and guess what, it's obviously here. >> it's catching like wildfire. >> yes. the campaign ends on may 21st with a three-hour prime time variety special. another thing we're not invited on. >> what? i want to go. >> actors comedians, sketch comedy and musical performances. >> go to and donate directly to the cause. we have big plans at the "today" show. >> what. >> for the red nose campaign. >> what are they? >> huge plans. >> we don't know them personally but we will share them within the next few weeks. stay tuned. >> all right. spotify. doesn't that bother you? >> yeah. >> music help you wind down or wind you up? it winds you up. >> but mellow music winds me down except because i so love the lyrics and like to listen to
10:02 am
the lyrics sometimes i'm thinking about the words so i'm not -- i can't fall asleep. >> spotify has come up with their play list of -- called sleep. >> yeah. >> the songs people like to fall asleep to the most are -- >> here they are. >> "love me like you do" by 50 shades. that elle golding song ♪ love me like you do ♪ ♪ love me like you do ♪ >> anything with a beat like that would keep me up. so to speak. >> yes, it will. okay. >> "stay with me" sam smith. ♪ won't you stay with me ♪ >> yeah. >> okay. i can see that a little bit. >> >>. ♪ thinking out loud ♪ ed sherene. he has seven songs in the top 20 and i don't know that people -- that artists take that as a compliment unless -- >> it's like a slow dancing kind of song. i guess it could put you to sleep. think about it.
10:03 am
what are your favorite fall asleep songs? >> okay. hoda -- >> since i can't do words when i sleep, i can only do just mike no lyrics. >> yeah. >> so i love anything by jim brickman. >> he's fantastic. >> just -- >> he is fantastic. >> plays the piano and you close your eyes. ♪ >> it just all very soothing to me. sometimes when i'm scribbling in a journal and you want to clear your head don't want to be thinking. jim brickman anything by him. download it all. good background. >> you're right. >> terrific. >> what's yours? >> mine is one of mine own, of course. >> what? >> crank it please. >> one of your songs? ♪ ♪ this is a rock a by lullaby simple and sweet as it seems ♪ >> i never heard this one. >> i gave it to your nieces. called "good night angel," the cd that david friedman and i wrote all the songs on a couple
10:04 am
years ago. ♪ hush now baby stretch and yawn ♪ >> bobbie thomas will be playing this song for her baby soon. >> that's back before knew i was supposed to perfectly rhyme, yawn and song not quite. >> still beautiful. >> one more second. ♪ hush rock a by lullaby ♪ >> by the end i'm an entire choir. >> that's you and you again. >> you dub a melody harmony. >> i didn't know that. >> you harmonize with yourself. >> yeah. it's my cd. anyway -- >> that's beautiful. >> download that. that's a good one. >> then there's -- it's called "around". >> three of you. it's a dream for those who love me. it's a nightmare for those who don't. so you'll sleep but you'll have a nightmare. >> beautiful. >> thank you. >> it's on that ipad i gave you -- ipod all those years ago with everything i've ever recorded. 16 cdss.
10:05 am
>> you know remember what i did, i accidentally plugged in the ipod into my computer and you know how sometimes it erases and then downloads your own -- >> that's okay. i can get it for you again. >> that's okay. >> this is something to be excited about. josh groban releasing an album of duets on april 28th. >> all these broadway songs. one is a duet with kelly clarkson. >> you know it's going to be good. >> they are singing "all i ask of you" from "phantom." this is the audio. let's listen. >> crank it please. ♪ that's all i ask of you ♪ ♪ would follow you ♪ >> gorgeous. ♪ stay with me ♪ ♪ ♪ each morning ♪ ♪ say you'll love me ♪ ♪ you know i do ♪
10:06 am
♪ love me that's all i ask of you ♪ >> yes. >> yes. >> that music, hoda -- >> that's awesome. >> i like try day friday when we have real music. >> by the way, kelly clarkson, hearing sing pop, it's nice to hear that too. >> great singers have great -- >> great singers can sing all kinds of things. she could probably do a good rap. i bet she could. >> i hope she doesn't. anyway, thanks for sharing that producers. that's lovely. >> ever driven in new york city in manhattan if you've ever come to visit and drive down 50th street, or most streets after a brutal winter. >> 50th is -- it's unbelievable. you could lose your car. like the whole -- >> 49th i started taking 53rd cross town because 49th was like bum bum bum. >> every driver knows what to avoid and every taxicab, but anyway, in new york they decided to take the potholes and do something productive. >> this one lady did.
10:07 am
elaine santori. >> she decided she would plant mini gardens in them. the daily gazette has pictures of her watering and tending to the dirt. >> i think that's sweet. had a friend guard so she could take her time and pot her potholes. advice to teens out there we want you to know about. >> author named courtney summers who wanted to find out what advice people would give teens. they asked to tweets the advice #to the girls. here they are. it's never too late to do what you love to change your mind and to change your life. >> i totally agree. yep. >> never apologize for your accomplishments. you've earned them. confidence does not equal conceit. >> that's a great one. that is a great one. >> here's one. you don't have to grow up to be a mom or wife if you don't want to. >> of course. isn't that nice. >> the best one. do this one, you like this one. >> yeah. body hair happens everywhere on everyone. you're not weird or ugly because of it. only you get to decide what to
10:08 am
do with it. >> and even though jennifer wynner got on the conversation if something is wrong and someone tells you you're not the right person to talk about it keep talking about it. >> that one i'm not quite sure. you know what i don't know about that one. >> yeah. >> sometimes people are out and it's over and you keep talking. >> yeah. >> it's annoying. as you all know from watching us. what would you give advice to teenagers? >> i think i would probably give don't worry so much about what people think or say about you. i think i spent a lot of time worrying about what other people thought. >> you waste a lot of time. >> mine is similar. i would say don't let anybody or anything in this world define you other than the word of god. >> yeah. >> let -- read the word of god and let that -- see what god has it to say about you, which is you are valuable you are precious my child. if you believe that you can accomplishment anything in this world. >> all right. >> i like that.
10:09 am
>> try day friday. it is -- you know if you washed your hair and wrapped it in a towel and trying to balance a towel on your head and it's uncomfortable. >> yes. >> it's awkward. our guest donna dorble. >> we call it donna dorble. come on in. this is a towel that -- >> wrap it in. >> how do you do it? show us. >> okay. put it on like a hoodie. you velcro it like so. >> yes. >> make sure the jewel is in the center. then take the loop. >> the bottom. >> and you twist it and you bring it forward and pull it around. >> put it on the jewel? >> yep. >> bunny ears. >> i look like a little mouse. >> the beauty of it is that you don't have to, you know flip your hair down or anything. >> all right. well -- >> $40 called a wrapado. available in designer colors. >> thank you donna.
10:10 am
>> is want to leave it on? >> >> friday funny. >> nothing like canned laughter. okay. a lawyer says to the wealthy art collector, i have some good news and i have some bad news. collector replies, i've had an awful day let's hear the good news first. all right. well, the guy says your wife invested $5,000 in two pictures this week that she figures are worth at least $2 million to $3 million each. the man replies, well very good news indeed. you've made my day. what's the bad news? the lawyer answers, the pictures are of you with your secretary. >> good one. all right. if you are going through a tough time, some advice to help you bounce back. >> that is literally our biggest prize giving it to five lucky people. >> first these messages. >> how did donna make it downstairs? you're like fast. is your hair lacking thickness?
10:11 am
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10:14 am
all right. if you've ever gone through a tough time whether you suffered a loss or ran into financial hardship, then you know it can -- how easy it is to hit rock bottom. >> one guy who wants to help you during those challenging times. his name is eric greitens a former navy s.e.a.l. who helped his friend bounce back. this book is moving it should be a movie, writing and talking to him nearly every day. >> eric compiled their letters
10:15 am
in a new book which hit "the new york times" best seller called "resilience hard wisdom for living a better life". >> great to be on. >> i want to say publicly about my son -- you are one of my son's greatest heros in life. just thinks the world of you. >> thank you. >> what can become the kind of man you. >> we want to make sure we don't miss anything. highly decorated former navy s.e.a.l., champion boxer, earned your ph.d. from oxford as a rhodes scholar, worked with refugees, returning veterans "time" and "fortune" named you one of the greatest leaders in the world and may be running for the governor of missouri. >> do it. we'll come out and vote and you'll lose. that's a lot of accomplishments in a short period of time. >> young man still. >> thank you. i've been fortunate. i worked with some incredible people and had wonderful coaches and mentors and parents who guided me along the way. >> you changed the name of the gentleman you were writing
10:16 am
letters to. >> i did. >> post traumatic syndrome. >> zach had hit rock bottom. came home as a navy s.e.a.l. from afghanistan, good father and then his life was hammered by hardship. his brother died he had post-traumatic stress, started drinking and called me after he had been arrested. >> yeah. >> the funny thing, you've been writing about resilience but weren't fighting your voice until you put it in letter form to him right? >> that's a nice way to put it. i've been writing about resilience and it had all been bad. nothing had connected. once i was really helping my friend, my friend who i loved, i had served with suffered with who had been through the s.e.a.l. team training everything came together and it worked for zach and hopefully for other people. >> had a purpose for it. >> exactly. >> distinct purpose. >> let's make other people -- you say take responsibility as one of the first things that's important to do. >> yeah. the fact is so zach his brother dies. and in all of our lives we're
10:17 am
not responsible for everything that happens to us. we are responsible for how we react to what happens to us. >> right. >> one of the things you find resilient people find a way to take responsibility for what they can take responsibility for. even when everything feels out of control, people find a way to take responsibility for something. when we were in the navy s.e.a.l. training even if you're a prisoner of war, lost your freedom, ability to stand up lost control over your life. >> vulnerable. >> you can maintain control of your thoughts. >> yeah. >> you can maintain over how you breathe. when you start with something small and take control over it you start to build resilience. >> all right. you have to live for something beyond yourself. that's a big one, isn't it? >> yeah. you mentioned i did the humanitarian work overseas with refugees. the first time i saw this when i was working with refugee families and i was living and working in refugee camps, families who lost their homes, lost everything. >> everything but each other? everything but each other. and what i saw in the camps,
10:18 am
often times the people doing the best were parents and grandparents who had young kids into yeah. >> because they knew they had it to wake up every day and be strong for someone else. >> awesome. >> have a sense of humor. >> yeah. >> you have to. >> in life you better have that baby. >> everybody does have to deal with pain you have to deal with suffering, hardship but if we have a sense of humor, it keeps a sense of perspective and find a way to work through pain and build wisdom. we confront fear and build courage, move through suffering and build strength. also the other thing having a sense of humor does it reminds us we're not alone. >> yeah. >> we can have a joke with somebody else reminds us we're not alone. >> you were blessed to have great teachers and mentors. >> i had so many great teachers and mentors growing up. wonderful parents, wonderful parents, great teachers. i had really good mentors one of whom was a sunday schoolteacher who asked me to do service work at a homeless shelter. i was 16 years old. i had done some service projects before and he said to me and we're going to spend the night in the homeless shelter. >> that's a whole other magoo.
10:19 am
>> when 16 years old that was a little scary but what i so appreciated about my mentor he said it's important for you to understand how all of your neighbors are living. he said if you do and you approach it with hue millty you can find a way to make a difference in their lives right now. >> oh, wow. it's a fantastic book. >> thank you so much. >> oh, something every parent wants. >> real deal. >> mine is getting there baby. thank you so much. spring is about going nude i'm sorry to tell you. >> may have already done that already. it's time for the new beauty trend that has everyone buzzing with our bobbie girl. today you brighten the room. a gallon of paint. check. drop cloths. check. painter's tape. check. rollers and trays. check aaaand check. woooow. looks nice! it's caribbean blue! you mean caribbean (pronounced cah-rah-bee-an). caribbean. (they way dad pronounced it.) agreeing on a color? done. with everything you need for a makeover at walmart's low prices you can trust every day,
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♪ i know you lie ♪ >> want to look natural and fresh for spring get ready to pucker up. time for bobbie's buzz. >> today's style editor and editor is here to show us why nude is the way to go for your lips. >> i've always known it. >> lighten up. looks so much better. >> first up not all nudes are the same. nudes does not mean concealer and matting out your lips. the first category is what the true is. buff beiges. they look good on a medium skin tone or an olive skin tone like kathie. i have on-line listed the lipsticks out. they're the number one sellers in their category. i've done the homework for you. >> naked is -- >> amazing. >> loreal maybellline. you won't go wrong. a good example of the j. lo look.
10:24 am
now when people say i look horrible in nudes, i'm washed out, don't like them please give pink nudes a true. that's what i need. a little more color. avon's carnation, lancom champagne and channel since 2011 boy and madam mu sell. tracy is a good example of having a little people. >> line your lips or no? >> no. >> you don't line. >> use your natural lip color. >> and your lips are lovely. >> yes. and last but not least my girl keisha. this is a deeper nude category. when your skin is darker you don't want as much contrast. don't go light light. go for natural color. >> pretty on hoda. >> yeah. >> all these great colors. this one in particular kat von d sells 8,000 shades of lolita in a day when lucky, and jaguar from eamon that color has been the fan favorite for ten years. >> bobbie you've done it as usual. >> looking gorgeous. >> back after your local news. >> after your local news.
10:25 am
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10:27 am
how much customers in that area currently use. some regional water agencies are filing complaints over the cutbacks but the governor says he has no intention of backing down. meantime. police officers in campbell have their hands full of kittens. these three from found in a public works yard yesterday morning, and according to the merck one employee opened a car door and found them inside. they're bottle feeding the kittens until they're old enough to be adopted. we'll look at your weather and traffic coming up after this break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
back on this try day friday with the talented and handsome diogo morgado. >> roll the "r," more fun. >> i can't do that. >> awesome. >> you might remember diogo best for taking on an epic role cast as "jesus" in the 2013 hit tv series "the bible" on the history channel. >> year later went on to play the chosen one once again this time in the big screen movie "son of god." these days diogo is doing a 180, showing his devilish side as the man in the new cw show called "the messengers." check it out. >> i don't want to see san thomas. tomas. san tomas. >> definitely calling the cops bro. >> i seem to find myself in need
10:31 am
of some clothes. >> not sure i can help you. >> but i insist. >> oh. >> i was going to say, i didn't want to see it but then i saw it and said i do want to see it. >> you're so sweet as jesus and this guy isn't the devil but he is devilish. >> he's devilish, yes. i mean the show "the messengers," this is a story basically a mysterious crashes on earth, wave that kills five strangers. they die and come back to life with special powers with special abilities. >> you have died in this event? >> i am that object. >> you're the object? >> that's why the burning thing. >> behind you. >> yeah. behind me. >> you the man. >> i'm the man. why the man is it. >> why the man? >> he's not allowed to use any special powers. that's one of the things that, you know attracted me to the role was the fact that he is not allowed to interfere in any other way than the human way,
10:32 am
like he can talk people into situations, he can manipulate the outcome of it. it is interesting because it's -- i mean after playing jesus a lot of stuff changes on me. it's like -- >> i bet. >> for me this is like -- playing jesus did not work for me. life-changing experience. >> talk about that for a second. you've been acting since you were a teenager. >> since i was 15. >> and suddenly you get this role and how did your life change after playing jesus? >> so many ways. i mean you know being the face of the purest love form you know telling the story -- what for me is the most beautiful love story ever you know sharing love all around the world with no countries, with no race with no boundaries, just -- >> unconditional. >> unconditional love. something out of -- it would not work for me. it was a personal journey. this is like going back to work. >> but impact the way you lived your life as the father of a 5-year-old? >> definitely. definitely. i used to believe we needed like a group of people could change the world, now i believe that it
10:33 am
starts with each one of us. >> yes. >> our ability to change things for the best in ourselves, and then share that change with everybody around us. >> yeah. >> did it change -- >> the evil part works as well as the same sneaky way and the man is a proof of that. he's wicked and sneaky like coming as a lawyer with a good argument. >> were you reluctant to take the role just after playing the other roles and then --? >> it was interesting to me i wanted to make sure of where it was the direction they wanted to do with the role. >> yeah. >> so the fact that they told me that he will never have a special power, he will never be allowed to interfere directly with people's lives, was really interesting to me. >> yeah. >> because i can see how evil operates in this world in many different forms and unfortunately in ways we all can relate with. >> you always say it's fun to play the bad guy. >> it's a lot, it's -- yeah. you dig in. >> fun is not the word. it's tricky. for me the man represents the
10:34 am
darkest. >> of humanity. >> of humanity. like it's our fears, he uses our fears and weaknesses against us. sometimes, you know, he's going to bump into people that look like they're really strong and really all in themselves and suddenly they're so weak with a single little thing that the man knows about them and uses that. >> enjoys their pain. >> i think a lot of our own humanity is going to be tested, you know, and showcased in this show. >> well diogo morgado. >> morgado. >> morgado. >> nice having you on. >> i love you guys saying that. >> "the messengers" premiers tonight on the cw. >> couple things that will make you feel good yoga moves for the entire family. >> our friend gwen lawrence is back with us and how you can feed hundreds of thousands of people watching these two foodies after this.
10:35 am
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♪ all right. if you've been wondering how you can lep others we have an easy
10:39 am
to provide millions of meals to families in need. >> last year with the click of your mouse "today" show viewers donated about 80,000 meals to hunger relief to charity feeding america. >> pin a meal, give a meal. every time you pin one of today's recipes land o lakes. >> love them. >> will donate $1 or ten meals to feeding america. >> popular bloggers joanne ozug and bridget edwards have partnered with land o lakes to create the recipes. >> thanks for having us. >> those of us not nam lar, behind us the recipes you find on-line, click on that $1 every time you click from land o lakes goes to help charities. that's awesome. >> that's fantastic. >> all right. we're going to be cooking up goodies. >> we are. >> what are you making? >> we are going to make shrimp linguine. i have a half stick of butter with al live oil and sea salt. >> land o lakes butter only kind i use. >> adds delicious flavor to the
10:40 am
shrimp. add chili flakes for heat. add in my shrimp. >> please devein them. >> they are deveined. >> hodap. >> it's good. >> it's excellent. >> she's egyptian. >> i can take it. i bake in the sun. >> we're going to cook this for five minutes until it cooks pink and add in garlic at the end for awesome flavor. >> okay. >> once finished cooking you will remove it to a bowl. >> that's quick. >> overcook them in one second because i've done it. >> look at all this beautiful garlic butter brown bits in our pan, use the same skillet to cook tomatoes and asparagus. >> you have alls the flavor in there. don't waste it. >> add that. beautiful veggies. give you snap peas here too. delicious. >> all right. >> now we're going to what? wine? >> yes. >> thank god. >> deglaze with a white wine. >> wonder what kind she's using. >> looks good. >> bet it's our stuff. >> let's taste it.
10:41 am
add your shrimp back in pasta, pasta water and it's ready to eat. >> okay. >> little garnish of parsley. >> not going to spoon it out. going right in. big bowl. >> yes. >> we pov down. what's that salad. >> this is a spring salad made by maria from two peas in their pod. homemade buttery croutons drizzle on the tangy lemon dressing. >> delicious. >> that hot pepper makes it a bite. >> yes. >> delicious. >> good one. too good. >> mix it up. >> yes. >> focus. >> while you're tossing it we'll move down. >> dessert. >> bridget has dessert. why do we see flowers on the plate? >> edible flowers, sugar cookie bars with an edible glaze. pretty for spring and mother's day. we'll add powdered egg whites to s to water and whisk that up.
10:42 am
>> powdered egg whites or use pasturized egg whites. >> dunk the flowers in there. >> use a paint brush and paint the front and back of your flower. >> what you've done here. >> exactly. >> sprinkle them with super fine sugar and let them dry for one day. >> all right. >> we have our sugar -- >> look how pretty they are. >> they're beautiful. look at the finished product. >> with a strawberry glaze with fresh strawberries and more butter to make it rich and creamy. spread that around. once it sets about two hours put your flowers on. >> obviously -- >> the flowers are edible. pansies. >> aren't they gorgeous. >> and -- >> little chicks. >> these are white chocolate chip cookies made by summer of a -- >> you'll love that. >> i'm going back to the pasta. see you later. >> in the pin a meal give a meal program until the end of the month or 3.5 million meals goal reached. go to for more
10:43 am
info. >> about to give something else away. special prize for five lucky fans. >> plus the yoga moves that will keep your whole family strong. >> gwen lawrence is here. >> no matter what their age. these are good. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what? pastels have rebelled... new color sensational rebel bloom lipcolor from maybelline new york bold pigments...
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to get all kinds of great stuff for the family. al! ♪
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10:48 am
if you think yoga is just for the fit and flexible 20 and 30 somethings think again. the perfect workout for people of all ages and sizes. >> not only that, a great way to get your kids involved and spend quality time with the family. to show you moves from tweens to seniors is owe garr and instructor "body sculpting with yoga" gwen lawrence. this works for every age. >> every age. every age has issues and problems and i just want you to see that across the board yoga can work for everybody and help with things that go wrong. >> she teaches the giant yoga the football team. >> the new york giants. >> safe for young and older people too. >> definitely. the first thing we're going to
10:49 am
do i think is critical really critical piece from young kids all the way up to older people ru know we talk about knees and how knees deteriorate. everyone knows that right. the best way that we are going to protect the knees is by opening the hips believe it or not. >> bring out holly and will. holly and will will demonstrate the hip action. >> yes. >> so come on out. hi, guys. >> holly mother of five. >> look at her. not a mother of five. >> i know. >> that's not -- >> i know. >> i liked her until i knew that. >> what should they do? >> strike your pose. we know that our knees deteriorate as we get older but what we don't realize an epidemic with young girls these days they have knee problems due to the structure of their skeletons. so want to open the hips in all directions. this is frog pose. >> that's what holly is in. >> groin and her thighs rest on that. we stay in here for three to five minutes. >> what? >> this is an interesting angle we have on that holly. >> what about will. will still there. >> will is in a beautiful squat,
10:50 am
baseball catcher, so home sweet home for him. see how it opens up his deep hips gluts. >> how much should you hold that pose? >> one to three minutes. get in there deep. in the beginning you want to quit and fighting through it but when you hold it longer you end up loosening up and giving in a little bit. >> all right. >> holly and will. thank you, both we appreciate it. >> next step we're talking about -- thanks both of you. shoulders. >> that's a tough part. >> shoulders, posture. >> she knows about my shoulders and neck yep. >> we all hold tension and stress there. >> bring out paula and kelly. >> paula is a grandma. >> what? >> and cali another teen. >> showing off, grandma. >> all right. >> what we will do now is show you how we can make posture and shoulders better for people that are grandmas and beautiful grandmas or the young -- >> oh, my gosh. >> the young generation who is
10:51 am
constantly texting and on computers losing the posture. she's doing eagle pose. brings her elbows up hands out opens the rotator cuffs. >> what are you feeling there? >> your shoulder. >> yeah. >> okay. . >> don't forget to do both sides, right. >> all right. >> then this nice face down shoulder stretch i call crime scene pose. >> yeah right. >> all right. >> see this is going to open her chest, anterior deltoid, biceps. amazing for posture and better breathing. >> thank you, ladies. >> lastly the back. >> yes. >> everybody seems to have back trouble. >> we have tracy and chloe coming out and we will talk about the spine. we have a few seconds left. >> healthy spine is a healthy body. this is a supported fish pose which opens up the spine. everyone in the world should do this every day. it feels so good and in a perfect world. >> oh, yeah. >> a ball can't you? >> absolutely. everybody should do this all day longerry day.
10:52 am
everything. driving, desk work. bad posture. >> that's all simple stuff shouldn't be afraid of yoga. start that way and see what happens. >> thank you. >> thank you chloe. >> all right. our fans are going on one final spin before we give it away. >> see if you're the winner. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
- this costs you money and runs on gas. this saves you money and runs on calories. save the car for rainy days and long road trips. biking is better for your body and your budget. the more you know.
10:55 am
all right. >> what we do every friday. it's time to give it away. >> almost 10,000 entered to win this week's special prize which is camping gear worth $460 from >> you guys, this colemans lake six piece fast pitch cabin with two cabins features the fast pitch system to give you up to 45% faster setup, 75% more water resistant and very roomy.
10:56 am
>> no conventional -- >> it fits a lot of people. >> look who's in it. >> oh, look bobbie. >> burner technology. cuts boil time in half. >> look at all the people. >> give this a spin. >> come on you spin kathie lee. >> is that it? >> sorry. >> sorry. there's more. how many? >> people in here. this is great. >> here we go. >> get over here. thank you, donna. one last one. >> all right. >> go, hoda. >> here's one for you, one for you. >> all right. i've got athena linda from connecticut. >> all right. i've got erin walters from midlothian virginia. >> miller from pearl mississippi. >> call this one. >> susan bell from concord, california. >> and the last lucky lady melody ashburn from yakima washington. >> i love yakima. >> congratulations to the winners. if you didn't get lucky today enter for next week's prize. go to
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right now at 11:00, a disturbing arrest near a popular bay area shopping center. what police say this man did in a starbucks bathroom. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. i'm laura garcia-cannon. chris and scott have the day off. it's an alarming case leaving customers with a popular coffee shop very uncomfortable. a hidden camera was found inside of that bathroom. >> inside the bathroom. annette miranda is joining us from walnut creek near the broadway plaza. police are reaching out to customers to see if there are more victims? >> reporter: that's right. we spoke to wul nut streak police. they say the recording devices were the size of an


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